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Late last night I was reading in bed while Chris was out in our family room using the new bike trainer my Mom lent him (thanks Mom) when all of a sudden I heard this commotion and then Chris says in a really weird tone of voice:

"Simon no, what, what are you doing, no no no."

I get out of bed to find our five year old son dead asleep and now at this point using the bathroom. Chris just looks at me:

"He walked out into the kitchen, dropped his pants and started peeing all over the floor? And he is still sleeping!"

Then Simon walks right on by me out of the bathroom and climbs back in bed and starts snoring. Ha - never a dull moment in this house folks not for a second. It reminded me of the time I found Chris nude in the kitchen with a fresh bottle of mama's milk all over the'll have to read about that one if you missed it :)

Today I was pleasantly reunited with all the housework that has been waiting for me while I've been rotting away in bed the past few days. Oh boy. Luckily today I am happy to report that I am starting to feel much better and even had the energy to do the grocery shopping and put away all the laundry my Mom in law kindly did for me (thanks Paula) while I was "out sick" (wouldn't that be sweet if you accrued sick days and vacation time as a Mom)...only kidding guys.

Oh so - Claire picked up some diapers and dog food for me yesterday and she got the really good expensive swaddler brand diapers, you know the ones that smell a tiny bit like baby powder. After Josie's bath tonight she smelled just like my first cabbage patch kid. I snuggled her cute little face off. I am worried she is getting sick but trying not to worry too much.

Today I went into my back yard and realized I had almost missed all of my peonies this year they bloomed so fast. But they smell so good and are the most gorgeous ruffly flowers I have every seen. My peonies are one of the things I will miss most when we move.

We lost a fish over the weekend. Luckily I found him and not one of the boys. Chris did a good job of teaching the boys about saying goodbye and they gave Austin Cookie a "proper burial at sea" as he called it with prayers and tears.

It broke my heart to see them so sad over a fish. Life is hard sometimes.

So now I am going to finish my cup of throat coat tea (thanks to sweet Jenny) and work on some boondoggle bracelets. Yeah I know I am a total dork but it only took Claire and I like five minutes to remember the term boondoggle so at least I know she is almost as big of a dork as me  not even close and that makes me feel better :).

Hope your having a good evening my lovelies and thanks for indulging my randomness tonight! xoxo


  1. that last photo of Simon really does break your heart!

    i'm taking a "sick day" over here too...somehow I came down with a fever, but thankfully no sore throat.

    glad to hear you're on the mend!

  2. oh geez I hope it doesn't turn into a sore throat that was the worst one I have ever had :(...get some rest ok!

  3. Lovely pictures! The one of your boys saying goodbye to the fish is a little sad, we have been there too :( and you know my daughter did the exact same thing with sleepwalking lol but we managed to stop her in time! Cute post :)

  4. That photo of your son is heartbreaking!! So glad you are feeling better.

  5. oh, sweet, sweet boys saying goodbye to their fish. you really captured the tenderness of that moment, rebekah. love you all, and so glad you're feeling better!

    never a dull moment is right!! xoxo

    p.s. you know i LOVE your peonies, too! happy friday, dear sister!

  6. Our fish named Kyle (Hailey named him) died 2 weeks ago. Hailey had dumped in about 30 little food pellets they day I guess he overindulged. She randomly walks past our office (where Kyle lived) and pauses a second to say "sorry Kyle...sorry". It's the saddest/cutest thing.

  7. Oh that crying picture is so pitiful! life is rough! LOVE your peonies. Love.

  8. that tearful hug is crushing .... for the loss of a beloved fish. such sweet, dear innocence.


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