eleven years together

We had our eleventh anniversary last Friday and decided to take the day and go on a little adventure with the kids to celebrate. We found our way to the Kingston ferry and stopped at the best little breakfast spot, over in Kingston called Oak Table Cafe. They were amazing with our busy crew, giving us such wonderful attention and help and a private little room and then when they brought the food out they spoiled us with a huge apple dutch baby on the house just for fun without even knowing it was our anniversary. It was such a fun treat for this family who rarely eats out!!

Afterwards we ended up in Port Townsend for a walk on the beach and through the little town and made another pit stop to buy an afternoon coffee. The Barista surprised the kids with chocolate milks on the house and when we left Simon looked at me and said "mom, whats with you getting all this free stuff today maybe we should get a lottery ticket" ha! And trust me I felt like I won the lottery, spending the day with my special loves - all five simply soaking in the blessing of all that has happened over the past eleven years!

Such a fun day indeed - and I am so looking forward to what the dozenth year with hold!

Ten on Ten :: April 2014

Happy Ten on Ten everyone I hope you have the best day finding beauty in all the little things around you, I am looking forward to checking out the linky party later this evening to see what you found! xoxo

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some things.

These past few weeks have felt a bit like a whirlwind around here. I had the chance to travel not once but twice to two different cities to share life with some of the most generous and beautiful women whom I have met and known through the online community and they've become real life friends now. I can't even express in words what these weekends have meant to me. I am sure I will be downloading thoughts over the next few weeks as my heart processes everything.

It was so nice to wake up in my own bed this morning though. Early risers around here so before seven we had our younger two squirming away with lots of kisses and giggles. Of course the moment I finally slipped into the shower my sweet three year old girl wanted to join me and so I obliged her request. She just loves a hot shower and was a happy little camper in there so I decided to dry off and get ready while she played a bit more in the steamy water. As I worked away on my makeup and hair she kept calling to me little thoughts and ideas. Requests for more cups and toys. Giggles. Mommy can I have more soap. Mommy what about a towel. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. I was listening and multitasking and basking in the glow of being home with my kiddos and feeling alive again in my spirit, something that has felt all too dry and parched for the last few years.

Mommy come look into my face, so I can tell you some things. 

Her words stopped me in my tracks and my heart in it's tender, stirred up state heard it again.

come look into my face, so I can tell you some things…

I dropped my brush and ran to the shower and got down on my knees to inspect her beautiful face. I looked into her gray eyes and with tears stinging my own I said I am here Josie and I love you and I am so very honored to be your mom and I want to listen to all the things.

Jesus spoke to my heart this morning through my little girl and reminded me of the biggest take away from these weeks of being stirred up and stripped bare and wrung out and poured over. He said, Rebekah just look into my face because I want to tell you all the things I have. I don't need you to multi task and go about your day doing what you think you are suppose to do to earn enough grace or validity or points to make it worth it. Just keep your eyes locked on mine and trust me that I love you and I am so honored that you are my daughter. Don't look around at what others are doing or look down and get lost in the vision you think you need to carry out. Come, look into my face so I can tell you some things.

I've got my eyes open in a new way and I am feeling the freedom and steadiness that we can find in our Saviors face.

Don't lose heart, don't lose faith. Keep believing in the things that He's called to you. When you're tired,  when you're faint, look deep into the eyes of your Savior's face  and you will find your resting place. You'll see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. -Jenny Simmons 

As you begin this new week may you know full well how deeply loved you are. Not because of all you do or don't do or how you think you might matter or don't measure up. But simply because you are a part of a family and there is a God who sees you, his child and He longs to look into your face too and tell you things. 

(Lyrics from The Becoming - I made a friend in Jenny Simmons this weekend at the HopeSpoken conference - her voice and heart are so big for the Lord you can find her blog and music HERE)

loving the sunshine

there's just something about some good old vitamin D - hoping we get some more sunshine this weekend…happy friday!

Ten on Ten :: March 2014

Happy tenth of the month you guys I am so honored that you are here - hoping you might join me in searching for some beauty in the simple unsuspecting moments today! This little project has meant so much over the past six years, I just love the ritual of spending a day each month in this way. There are so many fabulous photo projects around the web now though so weather or not you choose to specifically do Ten on Ten or another similar one feel free to link up whatever beauty you have found recently behind the lens. It inspires me, all of it and I can't wait to see!

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