star chart reward

In our house we use a star chart system for only one thing at the moment. My boys get a star for each night that they stay in bed until at least 7am. We have great kids but so far none of them have proven to be great sleepers and since they all share a room it makes it even harder to keep them in bed - usually at least once a night we are up with one of the boys and they like to get up pre-dawn too. So we implemented the star chart system as a way to encourage them to stay in bed longer. So far it has worked pretty well, not perfectly but helping. The chart is pretty long and so the reward is usually a fun family outing to celebrate their success. Last weekend we got to take them on a reward outing and it was super fun. Chris and I decided to surprise them with a trip to the pet store where they got to pick out their very own betta fish, it was awesome!

They wanted to see everything, the birds and hamsters, they picked out some balls for our dog Renton and then collected the fish food, rocks, water purifier and of course their new pets.

We also let them pick out a fish for Josie - Levi chose a red one with a white tipped tail. Please let me introduce you to Austin.
Simon wanted the white one with a rainbow tail. This one was named Max.
And Josie got a turquoise one (I might have had a hand in picking it) and the boys chose the name Ruby for hers.
Pretty fun if I do say so myself. We put them each in their very own dish - my large candy jars, they get to feed them three times a week as recommended by the pet store. They are so pretty and peaceful to watch from the couch and I like the pink and blue rocks we picked too!

Now to think of the next little reward outing...any good suggestions on star charts and rewards you use in your home? Would love to hear!


  1. I love that the turquoise one is named ruby ;)

    How about a trip to the Seattle fun center by the space needle...I'm sure they'd love that!

  2. I just found your blog from Oh, Hello Friend and I am in LOVE. So glad I to find such a lovely blogger. :)

  3. awesome! i bet your boys were over the moon picking out their new pets and getting them all set up at home! such a fun reward.

  4. love ruby -- the turquoise is the best! and your boys are too cute :)

  5. What a sweet little idea, lucky boy's they are!

  6. Cute! In our household we use stars to chart the days that I go running. I was very happy to stick a gold star on my calendar today, thank you. Even 30 year olds need a little incentive. :)

  7. What a great reward. My two year old is a bad sleeper. She hates going to bed and usually gets up at 6:00. ugh. Maybe we should do a reward chart.

  8. Alisha, are you using the stars from your writer retreat goodie bag? ;) good for you!


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