on pause

Levi in June 2010
Hi friends, I am sorry for being so absent the past few days. Would you believe that I am wickedly ill again. It seems that my immune system has turned on me in 2011 this time allowing a fever over 103 and a sore throat like nothing I have ever experienced. We made it to Church (barely) on Sunday to have our pastor dedicate Josie on what I had planned to be such a special Father's day for Chris. But came home immediately after and crawled back into bed and this is the first time I have had energy to sit up and type.

If you have emailed me I will get back to you in a few days but am not responding to emails at all right now. Just focusing on resting and healing and thanking God for my amazing husband as well as my best friend Claire who has spent the first few days of summer break caring for my brood. And my Mom in law who is holding down the fort for me now too - a virtual smooch for you guys. (trust me you don't want a real smooch from me right now)

I shall return just as soon as I can, if you have any extra prayers through I would greatly appreciate them - this is one very sick Momma.

Hope you are enjoying the first few days of Summer - it is so beautiful here in Seattle I wish I could be out enjoying it but I know that day will come again soon! xo


  1. Hope you get back to feeling peachy real soon!

  2. oh dear, that sounds awful....I hope you feel better soon! xo

  3. praying for your health & healing. :]

  4. Hope you get well soon! Glad you have so much support in the meantime. :)

  5. Feel betters! Praying for you to kick this once and for all (also, we went to your church for the first time on Sunday since its so near our house. Loved it :)


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