♥ coffee with claire ♥

It usually consists of us ordering the same thing, fighting over the bill, elbowing each other and pushing until the barista says something like:

you guys must be sisters.

We both nervously laugh and then one of us gives a final shove with our debit card waving.
Then it's at the table where we really get to it, chewing over something one of us is thinking about, something we've chewed over already for hours but still we go through it almost like clockwork:

"Maybe this is what you should think about?"

"Oh good point, yes that is what I should focus on"

"I just think your so great for working on this"

"Oh, no your so great for listening"

and on it continues for several hours if we are lucky.
Occasionally we will reminisce for a bit about High school or the days when we lived in a little shoebox over by Greenlake and how we stuffed Claire's bed into a closet and called it a room. Nine times out of ten we land on one of the times I forced her to do something really crazy because of a boy I liked but for the record I like to stick my neck out for her too...for boys I think she ought to like.
But mostly we just enjoy each others company, celebrate victories, bear each others burdens and steal each others clothes..

Whats that, you have a best friend too? I know it's the best isn't it!

Love you Claire!


I originally posted this  on January 21, 2009 

I felt like it needed another run today since she has spent so much time this past week helping with my little ones while I have been sick and has just rescued them again for an "adventure to the donut shop" their favorite. Claire is one of Josie's namesakes. Her name means a radiant light. She is and has always been that for me and so much more. A radiant reminder of how God knits us together in relationship to remind us of His love for us and His desire for us to be fully known and accepted.  

To one of the strongest, bravest most beautiful women I know who has suffered things God intends no one to suffer. Through persecution and blessing you wake up each day with that sparkly smile and love on us so well. You will find great reward for this in heaven Clarie and we are so generously rewarded by your presence now each moment we spend with you! Thanks for your help this week, love you forever and don't forget about us when your book is published and your big and famous  :) (yeah shes a killer writer too)


  1. Claire is indeed a radiant woman and killer writer. I've been so blessed to get to know her this year too. You've got a wonderful bff. :)

  2. hope you are starting to feel better, rebekah! i love your words for claire--so true, and so beautifully written. and those photos of her on your coffee date always make me smile--and wish i were there, too! :) love you both.

  3. i have found myself in a few conversations with Claire that have left me thinking...wow, rebekah is just so blessed to have had Claire along side her through the years...what a deep soul. i have yet to read her words but have been moved to tears by her voice.

    Claire, thank you for being Rebekah's best friend and for being my friend too. You are a precious gift and your life is truly a light unto the world.

    love you ladies. rebekah i hope your throat is feeling better and your fever is gone, but if you need me on Friday I'm available and have the day reserved for you.

  4. Oh, Beck, coffee with you is one of my favorite things; spending time with your three sweeties is another one! I LOVE you and I am so proud of what an amazing momma you are, even when you are sick, sick, sick.

    Thank you, Alisha, Kristen and Jenny for such kind words. :)

  5. What a rare treasure and gift. You are truly blessed to be able to call each other friend, BFF, that is! :)

    Love the photos!


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