mid-winter break

It's been a bit of bummer of a mid-winter break over here. Lots of sickies in the house so we have been getting the wiggles out during the breaks in the rain to splash in puddles, Simon is working on breaking his pogo stick record and of course Zeb takes every chance he can get to wear his big brothers old boots that are way to big for him! He actually prefers to wear Josie's pink boots but she isn't to keen on letting him so he sneaks it in :)…we are definitely dreaming of spring around here too and for the most part really thankful for all the goodness around us even when it's a long week. Looking forward to the weekend and getting back into our routine though. Hope you have a blessed one friends!! xo


  1. Their little outfits are so precious! I wish I was that stylish when I was their age.

    Hoping things warm up in your home soon!

  2. thanks for squeezing Wes into your week...and thanks for not passing on any sickness ;) adorable photos of these guys

  3. I'm sorry everyone's so sick. So cute about the boots, though. Hope you all feel better soon!

  4. Cool outfit. Love them all, want to try those stylish fashion for my niece. So they can still be fashionable when we have our winter ski vacation.

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