happy heart day

Daddy made us raspberry waffles and bacon for breakfast after a wake up from my Simon who gave me a huge hug and kiss and then whispered something about how the table was decorated for valentines day and it looked "awesome"…we surprised the kids with the soundtrack from Frozen because they have been listening to it constantly on YouTube and it was a huge hit! After the older boys headed to school Josie and I spent a good thirty minutes singing the songs at the top of our lungs and dancing around the house and although I don't think she saw the tears of joy streaming down my face it was such a fun memory with my little girl enjoying the magic of the Disney princesses together. Tonight we plan to eat heart shaped pizza and chocolate cupcakes and cupids kiss mocktails too. Hope you are having a wonderful valentines day friends! xoxo


  1. What an amazing day! Enjoy every.single.minute!

  2. I'm a big Frozen fan myself! Love the image of you and Josie dancing around the house!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day! And the cupcakes look delicious!



  4. I love the calendar!

    Check out my post about DIY necklaces.
    I posted about your fabric feather necklace
    Hope you like it!


  5. It looks like your kids like dessert just as much as I do... lol. It's great that you all had such a great Valentine's day.

  6. Your home looks so beautiful and inviting. Thanks for sharing!

  7. how's your Valentine.. :D
    it must be fun ^__^

    btw thsi pict so beautiful and cute..
    i'm so happy when I look at their expression eating choco XDD
    so cute!! kawai!! ke'ai!! XDD

  8. btw correction *this hehehe
    and forgot to say..
    I love your house so much!!

    it give a nature feeling XDD


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