creatively dreaming


I woke up dreaming of wire today - is that weird? I actually think about wire all the time if i am honest, it's my most favorite medium to play with and today I was feeling a little bit of creativity bubbling up inside. My older boys both had school and my sweet Mom in law offered to watch the younger two (big kiss for you Paula!!) so I had a super long list of things to accomplished including grocery shopping, the post office, and some serious cleaning to do. But you want to know what I did instead…after grabbing a good workout I poured another cup of coffee, took a long hot bath, put on some makeup, did my hair and then sat down in my jewelry "nook" and played around with some wire and gemstones.

 I have been itching to make a pendant with four arrows (one for each of my babies) and although this one didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, it just didn't feel right in my hand, I still had so much fun sitting in the stillness focusing and listening to nothing but the sounds of the birds outside and the whirl of our washing machine (the nook is in the laundry room :)) and for about three hours I was lost in a slice of heaven. The errands and shopping will have to be done soon but for today I am  glad I took a little bit of time for myself to explore the creativity in me.

This weekend is packed to the brim with a basketball game for my oldest, a birthday party and a day trip to the islands for a little speaking to do for Chris. I am looking forward to it and daylight savings too that will mean much more light in the evenings come next week!!

So what about you, if you had a few hours to yourself how might you spend it indulging on something creative, I would love to know. Monday I will be getting out my camera for the monthly installment of Ten on Ten - will you join me? It's always another way to flex the creative muscles and find some beauty in everyday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends whatever shape it takes!


  1. Good for you! I feel like I am a better mom when I have spent some time alone, NOT doing chores or running errands... and what a beautiful pendant!.... At this point in my life, if I had a couple hours to myself, I would take a nap, or read... or try to read and end up taking a nap :-) ... Have a wonderful weekend! -Ashley

  2. I love the beads myself.... glad you had fun sitting and listening. Great to take time out

  3. i love how it turned out & i love the idea of making one 'arrow' for each kiddo.

  4. I'm so glad you had some creative time to yourself. I know how much that means to you. If I have time to myself, I usually end up reading or antique shopping. I love that you dream about wire. I dream about Doctor Who.


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