Happy Valentine's Day! I am working on my Dinner at Eight post for later on but thought I would take a little chocolate break (could also be why Josie has boycotted her naps today - exhibit A above :)) and let you in on a really exciting secret. I am super honored to introduce you to a brand new site that has launched this morning called Beautifully Rooted. It has been in the works for quite awhile and is a place dedicated to encouraging woman in their faith through inspirational words, inspiring projects and creative vision. I am honored to be included you can read all about it HERE!

OK I will leave you with a little heart booty and be back in a bit.


  1. so stinking cute. amazing post, love. I hope you have a fabulous Valentines Day. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo


  2. ohmygosh josie is the CUTEST! Beautifully rooted is a GORGEOUS and wonderful looking site - can't wait to see what your team over there comes up with!

  3. love that chocolatey grin!! xoxo

  4. i want josie's sweatshirt.

    also, will you let us know when you post something over there? I'll need a reminder to check it out!


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