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{Dinner at Eight is a special project I am doing with my friend Andi this year - planning date nights at home for our husbands, putting the kids to bed early and being intentional about our marriages! Read more about the dinner at eight project HERE}

This past year I have been learning so much about Gods provision. Not always an easy thing to trust or count on I will confess but always, ALWAYS finds it way into our lives especially when we are looking for it. I love this dinner at eight feature it is very close to my heart but sometimes the thought of putting together a little more effort for a date night at home is hard. After we moved last Fall and I unexpectedly found myself pregnant again I was am tired. I don't always have the enthusiasm to try.

But this I know: God loves marriage and He loves to provide for us and last night I was so blessed by both of those things. A few weeks ago when I said I was bringing dinner at eight back I really was excited I promise but as it got closer pulling off a nice date started to feel so exhausting and on Sunday I still had so much to do.

I needed to go to the store. I had my Pinterest board going for inspiration and a loooong list of things that I wanted to make for the date. But we were out at Church until late afternoon and by the time we got home I just needed to sit my tired body down.

My step Mom, Julia hadn't seen the kids in several weeks and popped by for a little visit and she brought with her a bag of goodies to share. Guess what was in the bag? It was all the makings for the sweetest evening, oh how the Lord provided us such a gift through her!

First she brought me some red tulips to brighten up the place. She packed two rib eye steaks from their grass fed beef stash because she knows we aren't able to afford that kind of treat often and she thought Chris might like it especially. Some potatoes, mushrooms and a salad plus a little plate of veggies and dip for an appetizer. I think I almost cried when she pulled it all out of the bag and laid it on the counter.

That evening after she had gone home I told Chris it was such an unexpected blessing and we both agreed that we could not wait to enjoy the steaks. I then decided to forgo all the over the top decorations and gathered up what I had around the house for the next nights date.

As luck would have it Amanda from Festivities Party Supply had sent me some adorable red and white striped straws and flags (thanks Amanda!) to use for our date night and they provided a little more red to go with the tulips. I also laid out the vintage fifties red roses table cloth (also a gift from Julia long ago it was her Mom's I love it!) and hung up my little xoxo bunting from the talented Stacey Winters etsy shop!

Then I got out my trusty glass jar collection and filled each one with white feathers and a battery operated candle to add a festive glow. So easy and yet so special especially when I set the card table out by the fireplace.

And that was about it. I waited to start dinner until Chris came home last night. Instead I fed the kids and then we both took turns getting them ready for bed and working on our food. 

I will be honest Josie went down pretty easily but our boys were NOT even close to sleeping while we enjoyed our meal together. It was pretty comical listening to them rough housing and carrying on. At one point we heard a terrible loud crash and lots of crying and my heart stopped but all ended up fine. And they did eventually go to bed. But to be honest it wasn't even a big deal they knew we were having some alone time and  even though they kept interrupting us it still felt really really special to get some good adult conversation mixed in. And the food was super yummy too!

We enjoyed Chris' favorite milk shakes in these sprinkle rimmed jars and I also made a vegan chocolate torte. So I am happy to report that dinner at eight was a blessing to our relationship once again and the Lord truly provided for us in really tangible ways. I am looking forward to doing it again next month!

So now it's your turn, did you host a little date night at home for your sweetie or do you plan too this month? If so please consider heading over to the dinner at eight page HERE and adding your date night post to the linky so that we can all see it and be blessed. I think Andi is planning a date night to and I will let you know when her post is up!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. It could not have been any more perfect for you! The Lord is good. Faithful beyond what we deserve.

  2. How fun! Love the table setting and the idea that you set up a table next to the fireplace. I might have to plan something like this although I'm not sure I could wait until 8pm to eat dinner, I would have to be snacking throughout the night :)

  3. I love these pictures!! And, I love the story of provision!! xxox

  4. This is such a great idea. Thanks for encouraging people to love with intention!

  5. Oh I live this...what a testimony! God is maxing isn't he?

    Glad you had a blessed evening!


  6. Oh my goodness, this is so absolutely sweet and adorable! I love it - and I love the idea behind it <3

  7. can you provide a source or recipe for the vegan torte? my wee one does not like it when i eat dairy and i've been craving a fancy (chocolate) dessert.

  8. What a blessing!! Thank you for sharing your evening...

  9. He WILL provide. I have SUCH a hard time remembering and trusting that, but with each story like this I get closer. Also, I love Stacey Winters. I practically bought out her shop for xmas gifts this year. Also also - your cute bow tied belly! ADORBS

  10. so lovely! I love your shots of it all. whenever I try to photograph our dates, they turn out fairly awful. :( I need a lesson, I guess.
    We had grass fed rib eyes, too! What a gift from your sweet mom!
    I hop you and your sweetheart have a blessed day!

  11. Love this idea, it's so important for couples that have children to take time out for each other. Love all your photos!!

  12. God is so good! I love it when he blesses us in the smallest most suprising ways! I am in love with this idea and I am definetely going to try it out!

  13. I just stumbled across your blog tonight and I have to tell you how much I enjoy it. I have read a lot of Valentine's day posts today but I have to say that your sweet little dinner tops the charts. So cute!

  14. I'm so so so happy to see that you are back to doing your dinner at eight dates. Your posts are so inspirational and are good reminders that we need to make our marriages our priority.
    For Valentine's day we stole some time together by going for a long walk to a local coffee shop. We had to bring the kids (ages 2.5 and 3 months) but they both slept the whole time, so hubby and I actually got some time to ourselves. It was really nice.

  15. I did not take photos or do a post but last night we had a dinner of buffala mozzarella (a costco splurge) with tomatoes and basil (after having to make a return trip to the store because the basil bought just the other day was already completely molded) and some salami sitting on the floor in front of our coffee table with a fire in the fire place. I put a red and white checked pillowcase diagonally on the coffee table and lit two votive candles. We shared coke floats for dessert. It was nice to have time to talk! Kelly

  16. I am in love with that plate! It's probably vintage though.
    So glad you were able to have a dinner date.

  17. I can't believe how beautifully this all came together - it so reflects your heart. Your photography always makes me sigh - so lovely! Can completely relate with feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, but so glad you pressed on - I'm altogether most thoroughly inspired. Thank you : )

  18. Oh my goodness. I just found your blog through beautifully rooted. Love it. So excited to follow along. And, I am so inspired by Dinner at Eight. My hubs and I actually do this every Friday night. Usually Thai-food take-out and a free netflix movie. But, you've inspired me to make one Friday night each month more special.


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