Thank You!

I had such an amazing time today it was the perfect way to spend my birthday, I am feeling full to the brim with love and joy from all of you!!

If you haven't had a chance to read all the posts yet here is a little recap from today's surprise party!!

we had:

* an adorable leather bow belt tutorial from Theresa {HERE}

* a huge giveaway from b. children's wear {HERE}

* this super cute autumnal wreath with Jodi {HERE}

* my sister in law Kristen surprised me with some amazing original drawings {HERE}

* a table centerpiece and awesome necklace giveaway with Whitney {HERE}

* this super generous giveaway from modern little ones {HERE}

* and a super fun and quick tutorial for a dishtowel apron {HERE}

* plus my vegan pumpkin cupcakes with maple glaze recipe {HERE}

It was truly such a blast! A special thanks to all the amazingly talented woman who contributed today I was honored and blessed to have you and overwhelmed with all the incredible gifts you poured into these posts!

Now here's to living my 32nd year to it's fullest - intense illness, job change, short sales, cars getting stolen and blowing up, you got nothin on me I am so ridiculously blessed and this next year is looking mighty fine!

Love you all your a gift to my heart!


  1. Just found you through Orange Juice ETC. Loving your blog. Happy to have found another Seattle blogger!

  2. I really enjoyed your birthday posts - and I hope you enjoyed your birthday!! :)

  3. illness & short sales are pitas (we just went through a short sale as well, and in this economy probably a million more will have to do so, too.)

    SO HERE is to 32, chica. This year will be fan-flippin-tastic, I assure you.


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