Surprise Party :: a special gift from my sweet sister in law Kristen!

This next post was a tear jerk-er for me to open and read. I haven't divulged all of the information around our move but part of the story includes not one but two special homes that Chris and I have made together with our families. Both are ending in the bittersweet and grueling short sale process. I will post more about it all in the future but to release these spots into the hands of the Lord has been very emotional for me. I am a sentimental soul who takes refuge and delight in building a place to call home and filling it with memories.

My Sister in law Kristen does these amazing house drawings and I am the proud owner of two of her originals - they are truly some of my most favorite pieces. This morning she surprised me with some new ones and I am in tears and in love with how she has captured our beloved homes!


Dear Rebekah,

I know most of your friends are sharing fun diys here today, but I have something a little different to share with you on your blog for your birthday today.  Surprise! :) 
Ages ago you asked me if I would draw up two little home portraits for you.

As you celebrate your birthday this year I hope you are able to sit for this moment and soak in the truth that these homes you cultivated and shared were a rich blessing to many, myself included.  It was a joy for me to spend time this weekend thinking about you and these two sweet houses you made into vibrant homes, my colored pencils in hand, as I considered the wonderful memories made within their walls over the years.  May these little drawings be a small reminder to you of the good and beautiful gifts you have received and shared in Christ! And may they encourage your heart as you settle into your new house and dream up the decorations and celebrations and date nights and projects with your kids that will make your new space just as lovely--if not more so--as your first two. 

I love you, Rebekah, and wish you a very happy birthday!  I am so excited to see what the coming year holds for you and your family as you continue to embrace the journey God has you on.  Thank you for inviting me to pop in here today to be a part of your blog birthday party! xoxo, Kristen


These are the two homes that she capture so brilliantly! 

Kristen this gift is one of the most meaningful I have ever received. In the midst of your own family moving and lots of life change going in your world too you have taken time to bless my heart deeply and for that I don't know how to even thank you enough. Thank you for being here today to help me celebrate it is a huge gift! xo


  1. i'm in tears too! i love the look and meaning behind these two tiny you can take them with you Rebekah!

    great surprise kristen. i've been wanting you to these portraits for some time too..maybe you're ready to take on my grandparents home?

  2. Heartfelt gifts really are the best :) Happy Birthday!

  3. Wow, that made me tear up too!! So sweet - I love it! What a wonderful thoughtful gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh wow! I am in tears too. That is amazingly sweet and heartfelt. I can't tell you enough how much I admire your trust in the's encouraging and beautiful.

  5. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Secondly, oh my goodness what beautiful prints with such love and care put into them. I thought I'd check in on your blog today to see what is new, and lo and behold, there is lots to read! I will have to sit down later on and go through all these lovely posts (and check out all the fun giveways). Hopefully I will see you tomorrow! :)


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