birthday bookcases

Yesterday besides the surprise blog party my day was pretty low key. The kids and Chris surprised me with breakfast in bed in the morning which was adorable and a pretty big scene. Watching Chris navigate the staircase with the food and Josie in his arms and the boys wildly trying to help was hilarious and I loved listening to them sing and give me hand drawn cards and birthday kisses with my coffee!

When I came downstairs I was super excited to find that Chris had purchased two billy bookcases from IKEA as a surprise and set them up on either side of the fireplace just as I had pictured it in my head. I have done zero decorating in our new place and was not planning to buy any new pieces just yet...we sort of need to figure of a vehicle so it was on the back burner. But I loved the special gift. It really was the perfect inspiration that I needed as we are living out of boxes, it gave me a huge burst of hope and gratitude for this next phase God has moved us into and it got the creative juices flowing!

I spent sometime on Pinterest looking at bookcases for inspiration on how to style mine. I am debating about adding a pop of color or pattern on the back or leaving them all white. Here are a few fun inspiration photos I found.

So what do you guys think - add color or pattern or leave it all white? I can't wait to get started decorating as soon as we can get things put away!

You can check out my home pinterest board HERE for more info on all these images.


  1. First- happy belated birthday dahlin.
    Second- book cases would make me insanely happy, too.
    Third- get your decorating booty in gear. ;) A freshly moved into home needs a woman's touch.


  2. Color or pattern added, definitely!

  3. Happy birthday! Good job, Chris!
    I say, it depends. the color/pattern vs. white debate. How helpful is that?! Ha!
    It depends a lot on what will be on the shelves. Right?
    I have debated much on painting the back of my built-in bookshelves. I decided to keep my own white.

  4. I love white but color can always be great and changed when you have any scraps leftover from that amazing orla kiley wall paper from your last dinning room? Glad your bday was so sweet with your little ones and thoughful mate!!

  5. *sigh* you can never go wrong with bookcases.

    -robots in trouble

  6. Happy Birthday my friend! I'm a bit of a white person so white for me that way you get to add your own colour and can change it as often as you want. Can't wait to see more.

    Always Wendy

  7. The last one with the yellow background looks great, so I say go with colour!

  8. oh yay, hooray for birthday book cases, what a sweet husband you have! what color are the walls the book cases will be up against?

  9. So HaPPY for you and for the inspiring boost of new bookcases. I am seriously so excited to see what you come with and a very Happy {late} birthday to you, sweet Lady!

  10. thanks everyone for all the sweet feedback I was just sitting and looking at them thinking about what I want to do.

    The wall that they are on is all white and although the fireplace is plain brick right now I have the go ahead from the 'landlords' aka my brother and sister in law :) to paint it white and there is a big white mirror over the top of a lot of white.

    I think you guys are so right jumping in and decorating something will really help my motivation to do the rest! I will share pictures soon I promise :)

  11. Love to see a pic of the cases set up and your room! I looove the idea of ordering books and knick knacks by color, so fun!


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