August Monday

I actually kind of can't believe it. August.

We had such a wonderful albeit ridiculously full weekend which included in no particular order: a birthday party, a community outreach, a garage sale, a baby shower complete with a pink ombre cake (eek), helping with worship, a few lattes, dinner on the deck with my bff, some tears, even more laughs, a sore throat, a rescued Santa found at the union gospel mission (here), and a midnight phone call to the city and the plumber when Mr. Gough discovered a sewer leak dumping into the basement last not a lot of sleep either :) I love how I am always so pooped on Monday, does anyone else feel the same?

I am working on my make something monday feature post for a little bit later today but wanted to pop in and update you all on the dinner at eight stuff. First of all I have been SO blown away by the dates that have linked up this month. If you haven't please do check them all out HERE!
 I was especially giddy when I saw Rachel's morning picnic that she hosted for her sweetie recently complete with pancakes and coffee. It turned out adorably you can see her entire post on her blog, so pretty Rachel!

I have decided to extend the "pretty picnic" theme into the month of August since we got such a late start with it in July. If you have been wanting to jump in and get involved with this now's your chance. I will also be hosting another date for Chris in August and thought I might do a bonus idea for those of us who already did the picnic challenge to do something on the grill, think late summer bbq or a fancy grilled dessert and feel free to link up again so that we can all see what you come up with. I will have another theme ready for you in September too so be on the lookout!

Thanks everyone for your continued encouragement and support with the diner at eight project it is so dear to my heart that idea of being intentional with our spouses in the midst of a crazy season of life and to see you guys rising up and feeling the same is confirmation of all that God is doing in our marriages!

Ok I will be back soon but in the meantime have a wonderful first day of August!


  1. Yay! My husband & I loved the picnic date. We'll give it another go!

  2. Beautiful pics and lovely idea!!

  3. Wonderful! I'm loving your "dinner at 8" ideas -- thanks so much for continuing to share them. Kathy at

  4. Oooh la la! I'm game... Probably this weekend. Perhaps Sunday! :)

  5. Oh, I will be back when I have time to click on all the links. Love the morning picnic!


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