Happy Friday!

It sure was a happy week over here. The sunshine has joined us in Seattle which has made it feel like summer finally. I know so many of you are suffering in brutal heat all across the country while we are cool as cucumbers in the pacific northwest but there is nothing quite like a sunny day in the emerald city. Us locals wait it out all year because it is unbeatably beautiful, green and clear like heaven! My shoulders are a bit pink and you can see how dirty my windows are in the instagram above too but I don't mind no time for cleaning when the sunshine arrives!

I inherited this little bluebird of happiness this past weekend from Chris' grandmother, Velma. My own grandmother had one just like it but I wasn't lucky enough to get hers. She always smiled and told me how much she loved her bluebird while she did the dishes. It was always on the windowsill above the sink. Velma invited all of her grandkids down last weekend and allowed us to select special treasures since she is moving from her home of 63 years in with Chris' folks. When I saw this little guy I almost cried and snatched it up (I might have even kissed it - ha!) What an honor to have hers sitting on my windowsill now reminding me of two amazing women who have impacted our families so deeply every time I do the dishes! I also somehow came away with the rolling pin pictured in this post - a treasure from Velma's wedding shower, I could not believe it. I am hoping it makes my pies taste just like hers someday!

This week was full to the brim several play dates and friends which isn't always like me. I like to stowaway at home most days as an introvert to the extreme but it felt good to get out and visit - we certainly are created for community no matter how much alone time I need. And last night after calling Chris and throwing a fit when he told me he had another late meeting I was surprised to see him come home just before dinner instead. He kissed me and said he had cancelled it because he thought it was a better idea to come home and order my favorite pizza and watch Star Wars as a family. Man I am so lucky I saw that guy coming at the tender age of 21...SO LUCKY!

The weekend is promising to be packed at the seams I was actually praying for a little time somewhere in there to steal away and be alone even though every minute is already spoken for.  Then my brother in law called me this morning and basically forced me to let him take the boys to the zoo while I stay home with Josie for her nap. There it was those sweet moments arrived - time to think and pray and sip a second cup of coffee. God is so good he skips no details, his beauty is boundless and his mercy so new. I feel alive this evening and ready to spend the weekend eyes wide open soaking in this life.

Happy friday friends breath deep in His presence that's where love waits to fill you up!


  1. ahhh...just what i needed to read tonight, thank you rebekah! and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. what a sweet way to end my evening! enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hello Rebekah- i just found your blog and am really enjoying it. I can't wait to try the fabric covered button earings!!

  4. perfect post for this saturday morning!
    enjoy your weekend rebekah!

  5. So glad you guys had a good week! Everything was GORGEOUS, wasn't it? I grew up with a Bluebird of Happiness, too! I think its still at my parents' house, I should track that down.

  6. I am excited that I get to see your gorgeous self in the midst of this busy weekend. :)

    I love the blue bird...reminds me so much of your Grandma Barb and Grandma Velma: gracious, joyful and delicate (but strong).

  7. Hi there! I just stumbled onto your blog, and I LOOOOOOVE it. Everything about it, actually. I'm devouring older posts now. I ADORE your style and your photography skills are WHOA. And, lastly, I'll love you forever if you contact me with the names of both the fonts used in your header. I'm sorta a font geek ;P

  8. so precious and beautiful - I rejoice with you in God's goodness!


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