today was

a little bit of snow + a little bit of sickies + the last of the pumpkin bread thawed out from the freezer + a few batches of popcorn with sea salt a family favorite + a nice toasty fire + pajamas all day long + a few movies scattered throughout + legos and dinosaurs + letting go of most of the chores + all kids in bed before eight and a quiet house for me + my hook and yarn + cozy drink + soft music...
not too shabby if I do say so myself. how did your day take shape?


  1. i love these photos. a wonderful day indeed! xo

  2. Mine was a little play with the dusting of snow, hot chocolate, baking cookies, reading books, LEGOS and picking up my camera again after you inspired me from your previous post, make something monday, project fail! Oh, and an evening out with a friend. Thank you!

  3. hey - look at that, we both did our days :)
    your looks so cozy, i want a day like that!!!


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