♥ thank you ♥

My goodness everyone if I could I would hand deliver each one of you sweeties who left a comment on my failed project post a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. And here I thought that you guys might laugh at me. Might think less of me. I read each one and cried and smiled and was so blessed, thank you!

Sounds like it really hit a chord with so many of you instead. What is it about us women constantly beating ourselves up each time we aren't able to be *perfect*...and to boot most of our friends have the same job as we do. That's a lot of pressure to have the same job as everyone you know. It's hard enough not taking a lunch break or calling in sick once in awhile but instead feeling the pressure to claw our way into the top spot - whose the best Mom in the bunch. I often ask Mr. Gough how he would handle his job if he knew every other guy out there for the most part was doing the exact same thing as he was. How to feel successful and important when comparison is sort of the only gage we have to judge ourselves by? Good thing that we are not require or expected to be perfect we are only require to show up and allow God to meet us in our weakness and make something beautiful out of what we have to offer. Now I will go today and recite that over to myself like 500 times because it is NOT EASY to remember...and it doesn't mean we won't be tired, I know I am.

Speaking of comparison and blogging (because we all know how crippling that can be too) I came across this amazing post that Marta wrote last year. Maybe some of you have already read it but if you haven't and your a blogger who occasionally needs a little boost of confidence coupled with amazing humor (I giggled my way thorough this one) you MUST go now and read it! So good.

Today here in Seattle we are expecting a little snow. My middle child has some nasty viral eye infection and I was up most of the night again with a cute little girl - but folks only TWO LOADS of laundry to go!!! Just one foot in front of the other right...and so you know you guys are the best you are all loved and amazing and I am forever thankful that I can come here and be myself and you won't judge!

Thank you friends! xo


  1. rebekah,
    i finally got a chance to read your blog below. i love the raw, honesty in it. and i love that your eyes still see beauty and lovely things around you and this blog is full of them.
    you're the best.
    we spoke of you this past weekend - in san diego, you're... like...... INCREDIBLE :)
    the sun is shining here for you - telling you, you BETTER come visit this summer... or next week.

  2. Stacy - I want to come RIGHT NOW!!! oh and those pictures of gorgeous Sianne and you and Annie and Amy..I have tried to convince Chris to let us move to Southern Cali so that I can go to your play group and hang out in your home weekly..I will keep trying! love you friend and miss you so much!!

  3. i know!!! i mean, GEEEEEEEZ Chris, really!!!! get with it ;)

    i'm going to look into flights for you - you need to come, i MISS you!!!


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