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It's Friday...after I typed that I actually had to stop and double check - ha! It has been a weird week over here and by the sound of it for some of you too, but yes the weekend has arrived!

I have received several very kind emails and questions over the past few days about Josie in regards to my off hand comment earlier in the week when I mentioned she "projectile vomits 30 times a day"...first of all I wasn't exaggerating although it sounds dramatic - frankly it is. And it is pretty hard to describe how frustrating it can be especially to see her in pain. We are pretty sure that it IS acid reflux as a few suggested and she is currently on her third prescription we haven't quite found the right medication yet. Our second son, Levi also had severe acid reflux but his symptoms were pretty limited Josie on the other hand has several more and as far as I can tell is also very sensitive to dairy and eggs she breaks out in horrible red eczema if I eat either of those. I am really not sure why I have had two children with reflux our pediatrician said some families are just more prone to it but our oldest son did not have it and let me tell you when you have one that does you suddenly have sympathy for other families dealing with it. I know she will grow out of it and hopefully within the next few months but I do hate to see her in pain. She is four months old now and starting to show us her personality a bit more. There have been some pretty fun moments sprinkled in and I have a feeling once she grows out of the reflux she will be cracking us all up. Today I turned my back and one of her big brothers thought she needed to be a pirate. She just sat there smiling at Levi giving her all kinds of silly attention. I love those sweet moments it makes it all so worth it!

Thanks to those who were concerned other than that she is doing great. Not quite sleeping through the night but a solid twelve pounds, loves her bath, her brothers, music, snuggling and of course miss dolly!

sorry about the blurry photos but the moment totally cracked me up to see her sitting there with the pirate hat on like:
 "what, this is cool right?"


  1. hee hee, she is one adorable pirate, and would've fit right in over at our house this week, too. :) i love, love, love reading these posts about your sweet three...but am so sorry, too, about the struggles with josie's reflux. you and chris are doing a phenomenal job over there!! we love you guys!

  2. Such a beautiful little girl...I love these photos!

  3. such a beautiful girl! that first one is amazing - GREAT use of light :)

  4. Hi there :) I came by here to see your sofa (posted on DIY Showoff) and it's GORGEOUS!!! I have one not as pretty as yours, but it has held up brilliantly.

    I am commenting here (I don't usually comment so didn't above, sorry) because I had two reflux babies. The first one was put on a nasty perscription when he was only two weeks and I had such a hard time giving him such strong medication that I did a TON of research on it... it turned out that I had "overactive letdown" which means that the milk literally poured out... and filled his poor tummy way too full so he was in pain and vomiting... I contacted the La Leche League (they are all over and you can find them online) and the lady asked me SO many questions that the doctor never did. I was blown away because my doctor's way of making me feel better about the meds was to tell me that TONS of babies have it, and so it was normal. Now that I see how easy it was to fix without meds, I feel sorry for all the TONS of moms who don't know this, so I always comment on it... Basically they told me to put him on top of me when I fed him so that he had to suck UP and could have more control over how much he ate. Also, when he slept, I put him on a bit of an upright angle, 40% maybe? so that it didn't come back up while he was horizontal... Absolutely no more issue and no more meds. Done. With the number of questions she asked, I could tell that there are different ways to fix different reflux situations... worth a shot?

    My second I just did the same thing (I laid back in the chair or against the wall with a pillow against my back...) but he also was colicky, so I drank a lot of Chamomile and Peppermint tea and it went into the milk and took care of that...

    Hope that helps :)


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