miss dolly

I introduced Josie to miss dolly today. Her three month birthday is this Friday - I am in denial - and she is starting to get into trying out her hands so I thought it was the perfect time for them to meet. Miss dolly has a crinkly dress and a teething ring, a gift from Nana, a really perfect first doll for my little girl to snuggle. I think I am just a tad over the moon about the introduction of dolls into our home. At a friends house yesterday I was admiring her daughters four story doll house and then exclaimed "wow are we going to get one of these?" such fun a big doll house to decorate - I am giddy!

Today Josie had a weight check - at three months she is a whopping 11lbs 4ounces, petite and sweet as can be! Loving getting to know my little girl more and more everyday!


  1. smooch, smooch! (can't wait till i can kiss those irresistible cheeks for real!) and speaking of dollhouses, we all need to get over to rachel's to see the vintage one she scored at the craft auction! xo

  2. she is looking more and more like Levi to me.

    and wes was 12lb 10oz at his 4 month check up...looks like she's right on track! ;)

    i NEED a dollhouse too!

  3. Josie weighed at 3 months as much as my 7 week old does now. Sigh. I wished for a small baby this time and got one. She was 8lbs 7oz at birth and gained a lb the first two weeks. She's been growing so fast that I almost forget she was my small one. (My boys were 9lbs and 9lbs 10oz.) But I have been looking through your blog and I understand your desire to have a girl. It's not really the things I can buy for her, but the things I can make for her. I just bought some fabric to make her first doll yesterday. I'm hoping to have it done in a couple weeks. It's so exciting to be able to make a dress or a skirt for her out of just about anything and to be able to whip up outfits for her to wear gets me giddy. Enjoy your girl! I know I am thoroughly enjoying mine after 15 years of waiting for her.


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