Christmas Card Photo Shoot 2010

Every year one of my favorite traditions is the classic family photo shoot for the Christmas card. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a professional take the pictures. My friend Barbie Hull took our photos this year and I love what she captured. But they aren't always professional shots that make it onto the card. Last year I chose a silly series I snapped of my boys goofing around in the back yard and they ended up being some of my favorites of them ever!

Christmas card photos 2009

I also just adore opening my mailbox everyday during the holiday season and finding cards from friends and family,  seeing how their families have grown and displaying them around our home. It fills the house with such life and joy, it makes me feel connected to loved ones who live far away - I love the cheesy Christmas cards I will admit it. 

So how do you choose your cards? Do you always put a picture on your card? Is it a fun tradition or do you think that cards just add stress to the holidays? 

All I know is that no matter how cheesy or silly our cards may be it is a joy to look at cards past and see just how much our family has grown and changed and how blessed we are to even do things like cheesy photo shoots together. For me it makes the season that much more about family, making memories and savoring the sweet moments we have been given!

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