what's in a name :: why I chose this title

when I was a little girl I had a stuffed swan that was my very very favorite, a gift from my dear Grandmother. she wore a little straw hat and when you wound her crank she hummed the tune to you are my sunshine. she was always by my side. unfortunately something happened to my little swan and I haven't seen her in many years but that song, you are my sunshine, became a sort of theme song in my mind. I would sing it constantly - I just adore that song. now that I have kids of my own we love to sing that song together,  and it perfectly describes how I feel about my family. they are my sunshine's, my very favorites. we live in Seattle which is often grey and rainy and so this blog is dedicated to all the things that like the song says: make me happy even when skies are grey. my kids, my craft, photography, decorating, daydreams...pretty things that inspire a bit of sunshine.

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  1. your new space is beautiful, rebekah. your writing is so heart-felt and good, a gift. i pray blessings over you and this space as you share your heart and your life here! i loved reading all your new posts today!! xxoo


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