Josie and Zeb at 1 and 2.5

(Josie and Zeb Easter 2013)

One afternoon last week I was in the kitchen cleaning and Josie appeared from her nap with some seriously cute bed head and her binky hanging out of the side of her mouth. 

"where's Zebbie is he up yet momma?" she asked me in her perfectly clear and precious voice. 

"nope he is still sleeping sweetie, why?" I asked her back.

"oh I was wanting to play with him I can't wait for him to wake up mommy"

It was just about the sweetest thing ever. When I found out about my fourth pregnancy I was so terrified. I knew they would be close in age - at just a year and a half apart and I couldn't help but think about how grueling and hard it was going to be after having my first two sixteen months apart. I couldn't see the future - all I could see was the work and stress and sleepless nights. I couldn't see how much they would love having each other the two babies in our family. 

To hear her sweet little two year old voice looking for her best I am so lucky to have had baby Zeb, God just knew because he sure does fit into our family perfectly! 

But lets be clear yesterday I was cleaning the fish tank out because a cute little two year old dumped half a jar of fish food into the bowl and the fish was literally drowning in mucky brown muddy water little miss JJ was upstairs smearing black mascara all over her eyebrows and my bathroom and teaching her baby brother about lip gloss and how to apply it to his hands...they sure are cute though, aren't they? :)


  1. Cutest post ever! Your babies are adorable! :)

  2. And isn't Zeb lucky too? To not know any different? To be born into all that love...they are all so lucky to have each other!

  3. beautiful pics and sentiment....and reality check too! kids can get in a real mess in no time :)

  4. I know exactly how you feel. When we found out about our fourth pregnancy, I seriously questioned what God could be thinking with His timing, lol. But now I am constantly amazed by what an incredible blessing our sweet little sunshine boy is to our whole family! <3

  5. They are so precious together!! It's amazing how God knows what we need when we don't even have it on our radar. My first two are 17 months apart and it was hard work and sleepless nights for a longggg time but now they are the best of friends and I think how sad it would be if they didn't have each other. I'm sure your daughter will always be grateful for your yes to a new life even if it was a worry in the early days. :) Bless you!


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