morning bubbles

I sat on our front porch early this morning drinking coffee and watching Josie blow tiny bubbles into the air. It was a quiet and beautiful retreat for my heart before the day began. Last week was super full and our baby Zeb turned one on Friday! I have several belated posts to share about it all and some other fun things in store but for now the sunshine has hit us here in the Pacific Northwest in an amazing way (80's) and so I am going to soak up a few more rays with my cuties outdoors today. Hope your week is off to a great start so far whatever you're up to...


  1. Just looking at these pictures is a bit of a retreat. Now I want to make this happen with my little girl. Sunshine and coffee is a delightful way to begin the day.

  2. PJs, bubbles and bed head--could there be a more perfect start to the day?! Love these pictures!


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