coming home

It's been such a crazy week coming back from our big trip on the east coast. Diving head first into life with four kids and a husband who works two jobs. The glow of our time away has lingered though and I still can not believe we got the chance to sneak away from it all - and that we have been married for ten years. How does that happen so fast?

I had planned to share some captures from our holiday away but the tragedy in Boston just days after returning home from the city we had just fallen in love with, just made new friends in, just explored with our whole hearts - parading pictures of Boston and the cape just felt wrong this week. It takes time to process each one of us in our own way when something like that happens.

We met a couple on Martha's Vineyard on our last full day who were visiting from NYC with their three babies the same ages as our youngest three. They were there to cheer on Dad at the marathon on Monday and as we toured the Island we would meet up with them each time we got back on the bus to hit a new location. We joked about how lucky we were to be off without the kids and how they hoped to do that soon too. We helped them with their stroller and talked photography and wished them luck at the race. As the news broke my heart ached so deeply for them, for that young Mom in the crowd clinging to her three babes looking for Dad...I will never really know how the events played out for them but knowing they were there hit me so hard. Thinking of all the families there. Our humanity and how we are all so much more intricately connected than we ever give thought to until something like the bombing happens and suddenly everyone reaches out to help and love and try to make sense of it all. Clinging to the hope we have in Jesus and His love this week and clinging hard to my babies too.

I think I will share photos next week of our trip but wanted to be quiet for a few more days.  I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are up to. My heart goes out to the people of Boston - an incredible city indeed!


  1. oh wow. praying for the sweet family that you met!

  2. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment - for some reason my last one didn't take. I wanted to tell you that I would guess that family is OK. We would have heard more.... However, if they were nearby, how awful for all of them to have to witness that fear and chaos.

    Boston misses you. Insert big sad face. I'm so glad this didn't happen while you were here. I would have made you come to my house where it is safer, but it still would have been a terrible dark cloud on such a happy trip. Glad you guys had such a lovely time!!

  3. You are a sweet soul to think of others by keeping your memories to yourself. I would have done the same for awhile. I hope that what happened in Boston didn't completely mar your memories though. 10 years is WORTH celebrating. happy anniversary!


  4. it's horrendous isnt it! why oh why are people's hearts turned so hard that they could do this to others. hugs x


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