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what was a highlight for you today?

the no brainer wardrobe

Wouldn't that be awesome - a no brainer wardrobe. Ugh sometimes I feel like I am in an argument with my closet and the yoga pants usually win. It's gotten pretty ugly for me to be honest. There was that brief moment in time right after baby #2 that I asked my little sister for some advice on what to wear after the guy in the Nordstrom shoe department brought out a pair of hideous loafer man shoes for me to try on because they reminded him of me. ahem. I was 28.

But let's just say being pregnant with #4 isn't really helping me feel super hot and stylish at the moment. So when the most adorable women ever emailed me about her brand new ebook - The No Brainer Wardrobe my ears perked up. This my friends is exciting!

I was so thrilled to get my hands on a copy of Haley's new book. Not only because I know she has impeccable style - (HERE is proof!) but she has the most charming and wonderful way of writing. Very straight forward and so easy to follow. I read the whole thing in it's entirety and already feel super inspired to not only put together some really great inspiration boards but also purge my closet and get to work on making my clothes work for me. There are plenty of great action items to go along with some top notch advice!

Hayley did not leave anything out either. There are sections on discerning your style, how to build a go-to outfit, taking your inspiration to the thrift store (a personal favorite section!) and shopping maternity too and so much more! This book was so helpful and truly has encouraged me to shop my own closet and figure out what I really love and get rid of the rest so that when I get up in the morning and spend my 2.5 minutes of time getting ready those yoga pants aren't the only things calling my name...(although if you know me in real life and see me in the yoga's maybe don't mention it :))

So I know your dying to know where to get a copy too - guess what the first 15 of you who go HERE and purchase the book will get %50 off the already super steal price of $7.99 by using the code SUNSHINE...I know your going to love it!

Thanks Hayley for helping a girl out! Hayley is so awesome check out her blog, the Tiny Twig, her book The No Brainer Wardrobe, and follow her on Twitter @thetinytwig.

dinner at eight returns!

It's been a little quieter around here this week than I like. Little miss Josie has been pretty sick (read up every thirty minutes at night kind of sick) and it has turned into Mommy being a bit under the weather too. But have no fear I shall return soon enough. Being pregnant with a baby in arms is exhausting though I will admit...I made it through once having my boys sixteen months apart so I know I can do it again (praying hard and crossing fingers :)) but I am working on taking it one day at a time and offering myself a bit more grace these's so hard isn't it not being able to do everything especially when sickness is involved. sigh.
In the mean time I wanted to mention that I am finally planning to bring the old dinner at eight feature back just in time for Valentines day! I am planning a special little date night at home for me and Mr. Gough and I know many of you have been interested in jumping in to participate too. I wanted to give you a heads up that February I will be hosting a linky party for it and will add it to the dinner at eight page at the beginning of the month. It will be open for the entire month so feel free to link up your date night at any point so that we can all see!

Last years Valentines date was so much fun so I am looking forward to getting the juices flowing again and Chris is excited as well. We had a little household meeting last weekend and got to talking and he mentioned that he really loved those date nights at home...I got the hint ;).

So who is in for February? Let's call the theme: Sweetheart that way you won't feel pressure to host it on Valentines day specifically. I will leave you with a few inspiration photos to get the ideas started. Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

(all images and sources can be found HERE)
(You can check out other dinner at eight date nights HERE)

make something monday :: pixie snow hat

During our little snow-cation I found a bit of time to whip together this simple pixie hat for miss Josie. I made her one just like it when she was a tiny baby but never got around to blogging about it but she really did wear it all of the time. 

I was originally inspired by this hat made by the famed Elsie of A Beautiful Mess...although her version is crocheted. I am a little too lazy for that right now but my SIL Jenny has made that version and it is super cute! Instead I just used the basic shape and process but mine basically takes the same amount of time as whipping together a pillow cover or burp cloth - perfect for growing babies and making several in different color combos.  

The supplies for the pixie snow hat:

1. A rectangle of cotton fabric (I used a vintage sheet) and a coordinating piece the same size in fleece. You basically need to measure the length of yourself or the person your making it for from jaw bone to jaw bone. Make it wide enough to fit like a bonnet. For Josie my rectangles were 20"x8"

2. Two braided pieces of fabric or yarn for the neck ties.

3. A pom pom (optional)

Step 1: After you cut your rectangles to the desired size sandwich them with right sides facing and pin the braided neck ties into two of the corners to be sewed into the hat tucking the ties inside.

Step 2: Sew around the entire perimeter of the hat leaving about a two inch gap on one of the longer sides - make sure it's the opposite long side to the one holding the neck ties. Trim the excess of the neck tie ends and flip the entire hat right side out.

Step 3: Next your going to make another sandwich flipping the rectangle with right sides together again and sew up the back of the hat.

Step 4: Flip it all with right sides out and sew a cute pom pom on top. Tie it on and enjoy!

I hope you guys have a great day today  - we are all thawed out and soggy with rain around here now...but I am daydreaming about more snow!

Happy Monday everyone I hope it's a fabulous day!!

snowmaggedon 2012 :)

(I was so hoping to get to use that title :)) We did end up getting a wonderful dose of snow over this past week and I have been cozy at home with my whole family enjoying the little pause to life that snow around here brings.

Our city is not use to this kind of weather, we have few snow plows and lots of treacherous hills and so when snow and ice hit us we all like to stay put if we can. It felt like such a deep blessing to be able to enjoy the beauty and wonder of white this winter and although thousands are still without power and the meltdown is just now beginning I myself was thankful for the snow!

We will be working on thawing out over the weekend and warming up a bit. I haven't left our house since Monday - and it honestly hasn't bothered me at all (perk of being an extreme introvert I suppose)! I will be back soon with a tutorial to share, I was able to get a wee bit of crafting in and lots of yummy cooking and baking too. Oh snowy winter how I loved you while you lasted!

Happy Friday friends hope your all cozy and warm!

a snow situation

It only happens like once a year here in the Seattle area...a snow situation.

If you live here you know exactly what I am talking about. The city sits on high alert holding our breath for a few pretty snowflakes and if we are lucky the snow will come.

We have had a little but right now we are hoping for a bit more.

I thought I should let you know about our situation...hopefully tomorrows post will be called snowmageddon :).

dear baby

Dear baby,

How can it be that in only four short months you will be in our arms?!?!  I still can hardly believe some days that I am going to be a Mama to four, FOUR little ones!! You are getting bigger by the day and clearly so am I. I am trying to embrace this season with my whole heart and relish the final weeks of baby bearing because pretty soon it will all be baby rearing and I am sure I will feel so nostalgic towards the months of heartburn and swollen ankles and being round and uncomfortable and oh so pregnant.

Your brothers and sister are anxious to meet you and Daddy and I keep talking about what to name you and how to best prepare for your arrival. I am nervous about it all and so excited too we can't wait to officially bring you home to be a part of our family - you are so loved already keep up the good work of growing!


{my jaunuary favorites}

{one} - more photos less words {two} - beautiful ordinary day {three} - what's it tahuya {four} - what am I going to be when I grow up {five} - the watson family {six} - jack and the kumquat {seven} - the value of cheerfulness {eight} - peace mama {nine} - knowing where to stand {ten} - art studio life

It was another beautiful month for the Ten on Ten project. Thanks to everyone who participated in searching for beauty and documenting and ordinary day in your life. It is always an incredible joy to see what you guys find!

Already looking forward to what February's installment holds...happy photographing everyone!

Ten on Ten :: January 2012

Thanks to all of you who joined me today for the ten on ten project, I hope you all had a great day! I am off to check out your beautiful sets and will be back with my favorites from the month soon...and if you haven't had a chance scroll down to the post below and add your set to the linky.

Learn more about the project HERE!
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