the big baby

I have two babies right now and it is completely crazy as I am sure you can imagine...or relate too. Josie is hilarious, nineteen months old now and a total handful of cuteness. I love her silly ways.

She is super verbal which is awesome but she really likes to voice her opinion as well. She frequently will speak in four or five word sentences and she refuses to be left out of anything with the older boys. She also calls her baby brother Zebbie and is a really fun big sister to him too.

But we also have to keep a close eye to protect him from little hands. A few afternoons ago I was home with only the younger two and Zeb was sound asleep in his cradle. Josie was deep in play so I ran downstairs to put dinner in the oven when I suddenly heard Z screaming. I ran upstairs and found Josie walking out of my room with a beaming grin on her face holding an empty Coke can that I had set down on my nightstand completely full and forgotten about.

She was saying something about "a sip" I thought she had probably poured it all over the carpet after trying to take a sip but the carpet was fine so when I looked in the cradle I was mortified to find that she had dumped the entire can all over Zeb's face. He was covered in Coke and laying in a puddle of it sputtering and crying. I felt so bad for him and was in total shock that she had managed to do that in the brief time I took my eyes off of her...they keep me busy that is for sure!

I love the dynamic of being a house of mostly boys with my little girl in the mix. We paint our toes together already and she is starting to wear what little hair she has in a funny ponytail on the top of her head. Her smile is contagious and she sings constantly. What a fun age she is.

I wish I could bottle up time and freeze it - it's exhausting but these little ones have my heart just as full as my arms! I had to document that story while it was fresh in my mind though, oh the things they can get into!


  1. Such precious photos, and sweeties you have!! xo Heather

  2. I am new to your blog :) and love your cheery outlook on life.
    I have an almost one year old, and am already 4 months pregnant again! So I will have close babies too...
    Oh my about the Coke! What a surprise for your little one... Life stays interesting with babies doesn't it?

  3. Aw this is so beautiful! I have 4 babies too, and it's overwhelming how much sweet baby beauty surrounds me. Also amazing how many diapers and potties surround me too.

  4. Such a great story! My littlest is 23 months, and also full of mischief. I spend equal time laughing at him and cleaning up his messes.

  5. oh my goodness poor Zebbie! He's going to be such a trooper. I love 19 months... so many precious moments when the words start to come out!

  6. That poor Zeb... little one was too in shock to enjoy the immersion in contraband soda! Bless it. Those are the kind of stories you'll love to tell to embarrass the little ones in front of the whole family for many holidays to come... if you're anything like my parents were. =)

  7. oh my goodness! i laughed, only because I am a Mom of 3 and con TOTALLY relate!

    blessings to you! i love that you captured this moment with a post.


  8. Oh JoJo! Just wanting to share the love... :)Poor little Zeb. As the youngest of four, he will probably be on the receiving end of many "gifts" and much teasing. ;) Can't wait to see all of you this weekend.

  9. girls got into some homeopathic medicine today and ate almost 2 bottles of stuff while I cleaning up in the kitchen. Thankfully it's the lowest concentrate so not to worry (so the 800 number told me).

    Kids sure do keep us busy and crazy at times, but they sure are cute! :) And it just struck me that Josie and Zeb are 19 months apart - exactly my girls split. MANY exciting times ahead for you - not that you aren't already familiar with the insanity that happens when you have 2 kids close together! ;)

  10. Goodness Gracious, how I can relate! Mine are 16 months apart, Eden being 20 months ( I love this age) and Caleb 4 months... it's exhausting, but extremely fun!

  11. New follower. A blogger I found from SITS Saturday sharefest introduced me to your blog. I like your 10 on 10 challenge and will definitely be participating next month.
    Oh, the baby years are physically exhausting. My girls were 24 months and 2 days apart. Now they are teens (where did the time go, it just went too fast!) and rather than being physically exhausted, I'm mentally exhausted. Trying to keep up where they are, what they are doing, texting, FB, homework, etc. whew!
    Have a good week!

  12. i'm a new reader, and i must say, your blog is so lovely. your beautiful "make something monday" posts are so fantastic, and you write with such grace and honesty. i know it must be really tough sometimes, having two babies. i'm trying to conceive our third, and my 20-month old is still nursing which has made it difficult to get and stay pregnant. it's so nice to hear you say that you know how blessed you are, because i'd give anything to be in your shoes. my heart longs for a big family, a home full of littles, and i can't have it if i want to nurse my babies for longer than the norm. i just want you to know that it's refreshing to see someone recognize their blessed life, but also admit that it's tough. thank you for being such a light spot in my day, your blog has definitely been a treat to read through.


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