the time we decided to paint our room

Ha, that sounds so innocent doesn't it...and it really was.

On Friday afternoon Chris and I decided that it would be a great weekend to get to work on finally painting our room. After all nesting is kickin into high gear over here and my back is only gonna hold out for so long.

We cleared out our room, took down the bed and put out the drop cloth before Chris got to work on cutting in the edges. I went out for a lovely little dinner date with my bestie and after getting home late we ended up deciding to camp out (Chris on the couch and me in Simon's bed) since our bed wasn't set up and we wanted to continue working on Saturday.

Hahahaha...oh my gosh. So of course we both end up with little sleep Simon kept waking me up all night he didn't really understand why he was in bed with Levi when he could snuggle Mom in his bed. Apparently Chris was up sick all night too but I didn't know. By the morning we were both feeling pretty ill. And I told Chris I needed to lay down for a little longer. When I woke up Chris was about three shades of green, he had finished the first coat of paint but I could tell that was about all he could handle.

He started puking...

I kicked it into high pregnant hormone driven Mommy gear. My kids were stuck in front of the TV and I was frantically painting because I knew I had to get our bed back in place - poor Chris was so ill he was curled up downstairs sick as a dog. I ran to the drug store for Gatorade and saltines and such and then flew home and frantically painted. Josie was screaming from her crib and the boys were zoning out while Chris was so sick...

Thinking about it now it was actually fairly comical - and thankfully a little voice inside told me to call for help. I hate calling for help but I did it and praise Jesus my Mom and Dad in law came to our aid Saturday evening. (Thank you Steve and Paula so much!) Phew. By Sunday morning the bathrooms had been deep cleaned, sheets all sanitized, the room painted and the kids were with grandma and grandpa and when I opened my eyes I saw the prettiest shade of aqua welcoming me to a brand new day!

It's always something isn't it...but hey at least I can tick painting our room off the list. Now onto painting the bathroom and a few dozen other things before this fourth baby makes his/her debut in only THREE months!! I will give you a tour when I finish decorating our newly painted room I promise!

Happy Monday - so how was your weekend? :)


  1. always something, huh? i hate the flu...HATE it! at least you got your room painted. can't wait to see :)

  2. Wow wow wow!!! That is quite the story. So thankful for reinforcements sometimes. What a pretty color!!!

  3. Funny how we get so sidetracked! Hooray for finishing projects against the odds!

  4. Oh dear! what a mess. I'm so sorry for you - the flu is the worst! So glad you didn't get it and love that you got the room done...hoping for more pics : )

  5. Hope everyone is feeling better!

  6. Oh gosh how awful. But if it makes you feel any better, we started painting our kitchen last weekend. Whatd it finally take? A the kick myself into high gear and decide on a brighter, more fresh update. We're OK, as is our old home, but we endured 2 full weeks of smoke damage and our girls having to live elsewhere. I just kept telling myself..."it could always be worse."
    I hope youre all feeling better very soon.

  7. bless your heart ! that sounds awful...but nothing like puke to motivate someone into high gear! can't wait to see pics! :)


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