{my february favorites}

{one} - stacy bostrom photography {two} - jack and the kumquat {three} - cookie mondays {four} - paint chip madness {five} - boyds will be boyds {six} - peeper summarized {seven} - unique simplicity {eight} - a pretty cool life {nine} - live simply {ten} - re.collected

Better late than never on this months favorites - I wanted to take my time and make sure to get around and peek at all of the incredible sets from this months participants. Really beautiful stuff this time I am always blown away by the beauty you guys find in the ordinary it's inspiring. Thank you once again to everyone who participated in the Ten on Ten project it always blesses my heart! Until March happy photographing everyone!

Learn more about the project HERE.


  1. Rebekah, you picked one of my pictures to make your favorites list! I am giddy with happiness over it. Thank you!!

  2. Hey! I recognize that pink dress and blue heart! :) Happy weekend!

  3. This made my day! Thanks Rebekah!

  4. I love those festive mugs! I need to get one of those!


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