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This month I have the honor and privilege of introducing you guys to one of the sweetest women I have met online. Joii Cooper is the author of A Full Day, a blog about living each day to the fullest. I have truly been so blessed by Joii. Her heart and passion for marriage, women and a deep love and commitment to God.

She is a woman of her word - whenever she emails me or leaves me a note in the comment section she truly encourages and makes me smile. And if she says she is praying I know she means it! I got a chance to interview Joii and learn a little bit more about her, I know you will all love her too! Without further ado here is Joii:

1. What is the name of your blog and the passion behind why you write it?

My blog name is A Full Day.  The blog is dedicated to my mama.  She's enjoying heaven now, but while she was here she had an email signature that read, "Live Each Day To The Fullest".  You can read about her here.  In addition to that, the Amplified version of the bible says in John 10:10 "...I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)."  My passion is for women to live full godly lives.  The Lord is all for it!  I'm passionate about people understanding that Jesus is the only way to live a full life.  He provides so much.  From salvation to a great pedicure, God's got it covered.  The heart behind my blog is to point people to Christ.  I love sharing the bible in a practical light.  God's Word is alive and affects every part of life, if we let it.

2. A favorite date night memory with your sweetie?

Aw man!  What a question!  There are so many.  One day Shuga Sweetness and I went to a local park and conducted our own photo shoot.  We armed ourselves with our camera and clicked away.  We took tons of pictures of each other.  We've got some awesome pictures from that day.  We were like two little kids.  It was so much fun.  And...IT WAS A FREE DATE.  Who doesn't like free?  :-)

3. A favorite indulgence?

I'd say it's a toss up between great food and shopping.  I love to cook.  I like pretty dishes.  Food presentation takes eating to another level :-) I just recently made pan-roasted brussel sprouts for the first time.  Let the choir sing, "Hallelujah".  Oh my...they were sooooo tasty.  Yum!  On the other hand, I love to shop for pretty things, clothes, shoes, etc.  I like being surrounded by beauty.  That can be done with flowers, candles, or a big warm sweater.  I'll take it all.

4. One way that helps you stay "Joii-full"? 
In order for me to be "Joii-full", I must be "Bible-full".  Without God's Word, I'm pretty much a mess.  Consistency is the key. Sometimes it's quite a challenge, but I'm determined to take a daily dose of the word of God.  It works!  I've proven it!

5. What is one thing you are striving to do in the new year?

I'm striving to make the promises of God that are found in His word so big in my life, that nothing else is visible.  I will plant the seed of God's Word in my heart and watch it grow.


You can visit Joii at her blog, A Full Day HERE I especially loved this video she did with her sweetie about keys to a great marriage! Thanks Joii it is always a joy!! :)


  1. Rebekah, I love the post! Thanks for featuring me today. May God's best be yours.

  2. She is such a hoot! Adding her blog to my reader, for sure!!

  3. Thanks ladies! Happy New Year. :-)


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