easing in

Feeling a little in-between, slowly creeping into this new year slightly melancholy but full of hope. Nursing a sick little baby girl with croup and a fever and tending to my own heart after a full close to the year. Thank you guys for the sweet encouraging words about our son Levi he is doing really perfectly fine...the nightmares have almost stopped for me, amazing how resilient little ones can be leaving Mommy and Daddy a total wreck.

Working on a few posts to share in the coming days but giving myself time to process so for now just a few captures from around our home today.

Are you feeling slow and tender as you move into 2012 or do you have that charge of new goals and resolutions stirring your heart? Whichever it is I hope your day is truly blessed...


  1. I am so pleased to hear that your little one is healing from croup. Man, I will never forget when my bean was in the hospital with croup. Scary!

    Psalm 138 is my favorite. I love that picture, by the way.

    I agree with you. We're easing in with tender hearts here. I just had surgery and recovery has been fun {sense sarcasm}

    Will you be doing dinner at 8 soon? I think that I would like to link up this time. :)

  2. Slow and tender...I love that description and I love this post and these pictures. The blue in each frame captures the mood so perfectly, but there is also a lovely light in all of them, a hopeful glimmer. Such a lovely reminder in the midst of everyting!

  3. We got those mugs as gifts with a C & J, my friend was very apologetic that J's is pink and mine is green but they didn't have his initial in other colours! I take quite a lot of joy making him a cuppa in his pink floral mug :)
    Wishing you a new year full of peace and hope x

  4. i think i'm a bit of both...i feel like the ugly parts of 2011 are still clinging to me but I'm insistent upon losing them and jumping head first into my new year's "challenges"- i'm not calling them resoultions. I'm ready to stretch myself in different ways this year.

    love and miss you.

  5. I want to feel that new years energy like I typically do. Rather, all I really feel is like I want to go back to bed. Early pregnancy fatigue is beating me down!

    Glad you got some quiet time even it was sort of forced on you :)

  6. "are you feeling slow and tender" LOVE that to pieces...and I love that you tend to your own heart....so Misty Edwards!!!

    Glad your little man is doing well!! Life is but a minute...

  7. What a lovely post to start the day. I feel like I'm slowing easing in as well - sickness has a way of slowing us down...hopefully to reflect a little as well. thank you for the encouragement. So glad your boy is alright.

  8. Your blog always just relaxes me! In such a good way!

  9. My brother Glenn works with your husband at the Mission. He texted me and said I needed to check out your blog. :) I looked over some of your posts, and your blog is simply lovely! I do understand how you feel about this new year--I've started off other years feeling vulnerable and fragile. I pray your daughter's croup (I hate the croup; nothing sounds so scary as a croupy cough) has subsided and you are all able to have a delightful weekend. I have four, and odds are someone has shared this with you already, but just in case: You really do have to take care of yourself! :) I think being pregnant with your fourth tends to give off an aura that you know what to do, so people aren't as inclined to look after you. My best friend has seven, and says it's even more so with all subsequent pregnancies. So put your feet up when you're tired and take breaks without guilt whenever you can. God bless!


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