instagrams from the fair

This was our second annual trip to the fair for Chris' birthday. The boys even did a lemonade stand to raise money for it this year! We had a blast and rode the rides all day long, ate yummy BBQ, funnel cake, checked out the animals and even played a few games.

I actually really hope we keep this tradition going for years to come it feels like the perfect way to celebrate with Chris and to welcome in the fall season too. And in the evening Grandma picked up the boys (she had Josie all day) and so that we could ride some of the big roller coasters together before watching the Counting Crows and eating yummy strawberry scones for dessert. It was awesome! Thanks Grandma for your special gift of helping with the kids to make this day possible it was so generous and kind of you!

I just love traditions - what traditions do you love to do in the fall?

I hope you all have a great weekend - if you haven't had a chance to yet make sure you enter the giveaways going on right now here, here and here...I will draw for the gift certificates on Sunday evening!!!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. <3 loving Instagram

  2. LOVE your pics! I'm SO sad we didn't get to go this year. :( I totally wanted to and want it to be a tradition for my girls just like it was for me growing up. Fun stuff!!

  3. pretty photos! Strawberry scones...yum!

  4. i am looking forward to the fair being a tradition for us too...starting next year. Last year I think Wes wasn't ready for it (we went anyway and it was a scene) and we decided this year he was borderline...but next year- look out!

  5. Oh my what fun you must have had! Love all your photos...just like being there!

    Fall? Yes..we love to go out and get homegrown apples! Which we did today! They are delicious! I will be writing all about it on my blog tonight!


  6. i love it - so chris to do the fair for his birthday :) happy birthday to the whole family :)

    love to you all!!

    i am so impressed and inspired, and in love, and amazed at all that you can do rebekah!!!


  7. Yay! We happened to go on opening day and Will loved every minute of it :)
    Glad you guys all had a blast on your honey's birthday!

  8. I'm pretty big on traditions, too. It looks like you all had a lot of fun.

    And counting crows- <---- envy. Green eyed envy is coming to you through this message.

    Happy Fall. :)

  9. I love how Instagram immediately makes everything look a million times more magical - although a fair is a pretty good starting point!
    We don't get a lot in the way of fairs down here in New Zealand but we are getting a temporary ice skating rink this month (which is weird as it's Spring) - I'll have to remember to set the camera to Instagram before I take any photos!


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