ready to move

(post written as an update to THIS post)

Chris had started trimming the beautiful old maple tree that lives at the front of our house when the kids suddenly got pretty wild. The tree was abandoned, so late, after they went to bed, he went back outside to finish up the project he had started.

I was folding laundry and changing the sheets on our bed with the window wide open letting the cool summer air in. Our window faces the front of the house and I could hear the clippers snipping away at the branches as he worked.

Pretty soon a neighbor joined him, and I could hear them chatting about guitars and watching our dog while we are on vacation and such neighborly things. It was sweet and made me smile. And then I heard another one of our neighbors come by and Chris greeted him in his usual manor with a big "hello sir." I knew exactly who it was without even looking. They chatted about the upcoming community garage sale and the BBQ afterward.

But it made my heart sad a little bit.

We have been going through the painful process of selling our home for the past five months we have a buyer and everything but the situation we are in has made the process slow and confusing and really super up in the air. We found out this morning that we have to be out in the next thirty days.

I remember only three summers ago when we got the keys to this house. I remember how excited we were and how we spent the first evening pulling down wallpaper and showing family around. The boys were both under two. We ripped out the kitchen and lived without a sink or appliances for months.

Two babies, my best friend was here, the summer was hot and I felt God's goodness and blessing pouring out onto our family with each helping hand that would come over, each gallon of paint we were able to purchase. It was an adventure.

I remember the night Chris put up the Orla Kiely wallpaper and I teased him about how I loved it but knew that a day would come when I would make him remove it because inspiration would strike and I would need something new. I promised him it would be at least five years though. Chris' brother and his wife bought us new appliances and I cried huge tears of joy that our family would have such a beautiful home after struggling hard crammed into 770 square feet. We dreamed about more kids and Thanksgivings and one day putting in a big garden.

My heart hurts.

But God laid something on my heart tonight, as I took some more dirty clothes down to the basement to load the washer again. He whispered.

Are you ready to move?

And for some reason it didn't hit me in the we are moving to a new house kind of way. This time it hit me in the - ARE YOU READY TO MOVE - like be on the lookout, I am moving and I want you to be a part of that story - kind of way.

Isn't it so true how we will receive a blessing from God and then get so super comfortable and cozy our little open hands suddenly clasp tight around that gift. I love the blessing of this house. I am not ready to release it. But I hear God softly calling us forward into the great unknown asking me to trust Him with our future and gently reminding me to be ready.

I want to be ready when He says move. I want to be able to hear Him and not the stuff around me that I think I need to hold onto.

So we are about to take the next step of figuring out where to move our family of five. There is pain and mourning as my heart begins to unravel itself from what I thought would be our home for a long, long time. I know God will be faithful. He always is. He has given Chris a new job, which requires a new direction, and so I am preparing myself to be ready to move as He calls.


  1. I can totally relate with you on this. We live in a beautiful old home(1860) that we're constantly pouring blood, sweat and tears into to make it our ideal home.
    Yet we know we are called to the mission field. Not today. Not right now. But someday. And we know God is on the move. Big things are coming. And we need to be obedient to whatever He speaks to us. I know my heart will hurt when we leave this house.
    But remember, He knows the plans He has for you and there is NO better place to be than in the center of His will.
    Praying for you right now! My heart hurts with and for you right now. Because I can totally see myself in your shoes.

  2. Sarah's comment makes me think of my favorite verse...I've been clinging to it for quite some time, for different reasons, of course but I know it will give you hope in this time of transition and also know that we are here for you in any way we can be! love you friend.

    jeremiah 29:11

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  3. Your words are good for my heart. I feel like I am in my dream home now - a simple modest home but just two houses around the corner from my sister and her family - it is heaven. But my husband is about to finish his graduate program and change could come. You encourage me to be ready, to hold loosely, and to remember that truly I want nothing less than God's best for us and I certainly can't presume to know what that is. Thank you. I pray you will be comforted with much hope and peace.

  4. I love your honesty and how open and sweet your heart is when sharing. I just finished reading the preceding post to this one and I am so encouraged by how you're listening to the Lord. We recently moved and had to do a short sale with our home, our situation was a little different than your's but the process of selling our home and everything being up in the air so much was difficult. I will be praying for you and your family. I know the Lord is righteous and just and loves His children. He will move on your behalf. I have no doubt. (the sale of our house just finalized last Friday and the Lord definitely came through for us)

  5. We love you guys so much and continue to be excited to see what God has in store for you! That said, we also feel the ache with you as you say goodbye to your love-filled, memory-filled home. So much of what you wrote resonates deeply with me, rebekah, and I love and agree with the truths and hope you have expressed in this post. Beautifully written. You are stepping out into a new adventure for sure during these next 30 days and God has you by the hand for each and every step you will take!

  6. I love you so much, dear friend. My heart is aching for you + your little family right now- change is so so hard. Especially change that is not chosen by us. I am praying that the Lord continues to give you so much peace + grace as you move forward with leaving your sweet home this coming month. I can see just in what you shared tonight that your heart is so open to Him + what He has to teach you during this time and that is seriously so beautiful. I know that this post was probably not easy to write, but I am so so proud of you for posting it. Your trust in God during this time is such an encouragement to me, and I am sure to so many others too! I know I live faraway, but please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything, or if you have any specific prayer requests- I am just a text or phone call away! :) I love you!

  7. So glad you have your faith to comfort you through this. Us, we're just going to miss you guys!

  8. (You're going to be awesome wherever. Your spirit and love will bob you to the surface of whatever you encounter!)

  9. It was such a gift to spend some time with you today and read your post tonight. I feel so blessed to have you as a best friend, so grateful that I have someone who has walked with me through celebration and sorrow. It is a remarkable gift from the Lord, one that has lasted nearly 15 years. Can you believe that? Time flies. I am here for you and I am so proud of the wisdom and hope you constantly demonstrate. I love what you wrote tonight about God moving; I can see it and feel it even in the middle of this sad loss. Keep walking forward, knowing that you are surrounded by those of us who love you and who have your back, knowing that God is doing something big. Then, when the time comes, we will celebrate and be able to say, "Can you believe what the Lord has done? Amazing!" xxxox

  10. I hope and trust that out of the disappointment of letting go of this house you'll be amazed by the blessing of whatever is next. :) It's hard though - you're in my prayers!

  11. I have been humbled and awed lately at how He has turned seeming disappointments into amazing opportunities for those around me. I feel confident you'll find your wonderful happy family in a new and even better situation. Praying for all 5 of you :)

  12. "Isn't it so true how we will receive a blessing from God and then get so super comfortable and cozy our little open hands suddenly clasp tight around that gift." - This almost made me cry. It's so hard letting go - even in relationships. But you know what, you've made great memories with the house, you probably have lots of pics of it... ♥ Everything happens for a reason. ;)

  13. I have been somewhat in your situation before and it's so good to hear your perspective on it. One this that is true and constant is our wonderful Lord. I pray that he guides and comforts you all in this time! Hope everything goes well during this new time for ya'll!!

  14. soooo many big things! can't want to chat (hopefully today) love you, s

  15. Such a beautiful post, Rebekah! I can feel the struggle you're going through just by reading your post.
    Well, I guess it's pretty hard to say goodbye to our "sweet home"... Being a Christian, I think I'd be take it the same way - and you know what? He'll be there to help you thrive. You know that.

    Many blessings


  16. I have heard God asking me the same thing "are you ready to move" and I felt the same; that it is less moving the household as it is being ready for anything and trusting in Him ALONE. Stay ready, He's coming for us!

  17. this is so timely to me. thank you so much. we are in sort of the same situation. change is hard, but so often it causes huge growth and blessing.

  18. We went through something similar (husbands job was eliminated through company restructure)....not once, but twice. It is a difficult time (for all involved) but with faith as you have, it will all work out in due time.

  19. I'm so sorry that you have to leave your beautiful home Rebekah. But one thing I know for sure, is that no matter where you and your sweet family move next, you will make it just as lovely. Praying for all of you during the next few weeks as you make these big life changes. xo!

  20. Your post is absolutely beautiful and completely touched me. Far too often, we take matters into our own hands, or give it up to God but don't listen to what He really wants us to hear. Releasing control is something I constantly struggle with, and your blog was such inspiration to me. I'm praying for your move!

  21. I heard of your blog through my friend Jen who is also a friend of yours. I read it faithfully now and can tell you that if we ever moved back to Seattle, I would really want to meet you in person. So many things you write resonate with where I am at in life. And you love creativity and beauty the same way I is all very inspiring. As for today's post - thank-you for your honesty and wisdom. I needed to read that today. God is always on the move, but right now in my life I am feeling whispers of it too, I'm being challenged to trust. It always comes down to trust. It's hard. But he has proven that he is good and loves us, so he is worthy of my trust. I am opening my hands a little wider today....
    Peace to you and your family on this journey.

  22. I absolutely adore your blog! With that out of the way I want you to know that I will pray for you and your family. The Lord always wants us to be ready and it is sweet that He is preparing you for His great works! The Lord bless you.

  23. You know, lately I've been feeling more and more like what it all comes down to, what God really looks for, is for us to have hearts that are responsive. Responsive to His direction and guidance.

    We are also going through our own little faith adventure for the past year, and for a long while now, the ending part of Matthew 6 kept coming back and back to sermons, podcasts, things I was reading...all over the place. I had to realize that God was saying, "These aren't just wise words for you, these are MY very words for you in this very moment. I see you where you are and I know what you need. Just seek my kingdom first." As I was packing to leave the town I was born in and never thought we'd leave, I found myself unconsciously singing the words to the hymn, "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus." When I finally realized what I'd been singing over and over, I just burst into tears. Such powerful words! The Holy Spirit has such a way of ministering to us.

    God can use anything we will give to Him for our good. The song "River God" by Nichole Nordeman is one that has always helped me out through painful times of change. I pray that God will give you and yours grace through this transition.

  24. I really feel for you, because I recently went through some of this (and to be honest, am still going through it in some ways). I haven't seen the situation completely redeemed, but I've seen glimpses of God's hand in it. Thank you for encouraging me with your story, and I hope you are similarly being encouraged by others.

  25. You know I understand a lot of your stress right now! However we're not at the 30 day point (yet). I can only imagine the spinning of thoughts from leaving YOUR home (not wanting it to be the next persons) to possible relief from just having a final outcome. You're handling the pressure with such grace and I hope you truly know I'm always here for you!! I look forward to everything the future holds. Exciting times, xoxo

  26. For some reason, tonight I ended up in your blog. I was looking for some neat craft ideas and decided to find out what you were writing about.
    I have to share with you that I am ashamed of myself! I lost my lovely house, my husband left me, I became very depressed and needed to be hospitalized as I became suicidal, and because of that, my 13 year-old son was taken away from me. ALL at the same time!
    I found myself alone, with no money, no place to live and with overwhelming sadness.
    My shame comes from my lack of faith in God.
    I wish I could have your faith and trust in Him. If you read this, know that there are ALWAYS other people having a harder time, and know it not as a consolation, but as a reminder of how many blessings you have: your husband, your children, your health!
    I wish you the best Rebekah! You are such a good daughter of God! He will surely take care of you and your family. I will continue reading your blog and I hope you will have great news to tell soon.
    A Friend from Canada...


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