{my august favorites}

{one} - renton for life {two} - paint chip madness {three} - little fists {four} - little house by the lake {five} - unique simplicity {six} - joining the party {seven} - lucky number thirteen {eight} - life & oh la dee dah{nine} - tales and trials {ten} - latte day

Such an awesome month for Ten on Ten - I loved looking at all of your beautiful sets and had so much fun putting my favorites together this month! Thanks to everyone who participated it is always such a huge treat to be a part of such a fun community, looking forward to September already!

I will be back with a few photos to share from our wonderful vacation, a popsicle recipe and some more sunshine later on in the week hope you all have a great Monday! xoxo

{I also wanted to say a special thank you to the talented girls who shared their summer sipper recipes while I was away if you missed them we had Sangria with Annalea, a smoothie from heaven with Jessi and a strawberry lemonade slushy with Summer thanks girls!}


  1. awe thanks. it's always fun to see which photos you gather!

    sorry the popsicle didn't really work out, i wish i could have tasted it to weigh in ;)

  2. Thank you! It was a fun little surprise to see one of my photos in your featured set for August. This was my first time doing the ten on ten and I LOVED it!

  3. thanks for choosing my photo! i love waking up to those curtains. looking forward to seeing everyone's sets next month already... :)

  4. HI I can't seem to figure out how to link up ten on ten with you? I am a computer illiterate person and need help lol. I love your blog

  5. Hi Ellie - so all you do is scroll way down to the bottom of the page to the post that says ten on ten not my set but the one below that. There should be a little link that says 'click here to enter' at the bottom of the post you hit that and then you add the name of your blog and your url for your set of photos and it should post it. sometimes it takes a bit for the linky to load is it possible that it's just not showing up for you? Let me know if you have anymore issues with it!


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