what's {really} in my bag

I have always been so enamoured with those super cute what's in my bag posts from some of my favorite bloggers. But I always think to myself after reading one "if anyone knew what was really in my bag I would be so embarrassed". But today I needed to clean mine out so I thought I would show you anyways because were all friends here right. And friends share the dirt. So here you go.
These were the things that seemed "appropriate" for the post. Here we have a bag of wipes, a travel changing pad with a few diapers, my teething necklace and another toy for Josie to play with, my nursing apron, my hobo coin purse filled with all my cards and some loose change and about three bucks cash, sunglasses, a book I have been trying to read for six months, a hair clip, two binky's, my financial peace receipt book, phone, two lip gloss and some aquaphore, and a cough drop. Not too bad.

But then if we look closer there is also this pile...
It's hard to see but in this stack there is a large stick, some diapers that were all crumply so they look weird in the first photo, some stickers from the bank, baby snacks, a random sock, two dirty spoons, a bunch of tampons and pads, about three baby hats that don't fit Josie anymore, a Paul Simon CD that we need to give back to Aunt Rhoda, some church bulletins, a protein bar, a lot of receipts (sorry Dave Ramsey :)), a lady liberty fascinator, a weird mirror note pad thingy, a few dirty napkins a chocolate milk bottle top...hmmm I can't remember everything and I was happy to not find any dirty clothes cause that happens a lot too.

Phew I feel better now that I came out with it. My bag is a huge wasteland of odds and ends one of my favorite things to do is to tell Chris that whatever he is looking for is in my bag. He just looks at me in desperation and always says "can you please find it in there I am scared".

Ha ha! So go ahead I dare you to clean out your bag and show us what you really find. If you post about it on your blog leave a link in the comments.

Happy Saturday - oh and on a brighter note than yesterday I got a great night sleep last night and am feeling so much better about the stolen car. It would have been easier to just leave an envelope of cash out but at least it wasn't our family car. So thanks for all the sweet encouragement!

PS. my ADORABLE purse was a special handmade gift from the lovely Tiffany. You can get your own HERE. And thanks to Shauna and Jenny for the travel changing pad and nursing apron I love them both you girls make such adorable things!


  1. Haha. It's amazing the things a mama will find in her bag. I always find half eaten snacks. I LOVE your bag. I'm so glad you're having a happier Saturday.

  2. haha! I love it. Thats awesome! I'm always skeptical of the Whats in my bag posts, because we know all of the yuckies are tossed just before hand! Thanks for sharing your yuckies :))

  3. This is such a funny post, I really enjoyed it because the inner's of my bag are much the same. Its quite a relief to know I am not the only person out there with a bag full of such stuff!

    Do I dare clean out my bag and blog about it, i'll have to think about it!

    Cheers, Michelle

  4. I always find sweet wrappers and crumbs at the bottom of my bag! Thank you for sharing what's in your bag, it brought a smile to my lips when I saw you had a random stick in there - the things we find!



  5. ha ha! i love the first couple photos then the "realistic" photo of what's in your bag!

    looks like mine :)

  6. haha love this post!!!! mine looks the same, except sometimes mine even has dirty diapers in it lol :)

  7. You are a brave woman and I admire your courage. This was a really fun post. And even your messy stuff looks pretty and colorful. Oh, the power of photography! ;)

    This Good Life

  8. lol. I love this post. I havent had my own purse since being a mom. I share a community bag with 4 other people. It includes lip glss, G.I. Joes, hair clips, baseball caps... the list goes on.

  9. I was so relieved to see the second photo!, as I shamefully thought of my own bag and the horrid combination of crumbs (from kids snacks), wrappers,hairclips, loose change and pebbles or bits of sea glass!. You've inspired me to actually give a good clean today! Im not brave enough to take a photo of mine..I dont even want to see it. Love the bag too :)

  10. Love the second photo- my purse could be it's stunt double! :) LOVE your bag- I hope she updates her shop soon because I really need one of those! :)

  11. Love your purse! My purse can be scary at times! :)

  12. This is my favorite 'purse post' that I've seen! Thanks for being so honest...I always wonder how these mothers of small children keep their bags so incredibly orderly. I would imagine that every single one of them has 2 piles like yours. Thanks for making me smile on this Sunday evening. [And for making me feel better about what lies in the abyss of my own bag!]

  13. my purse is a wasteland too!
    i loved this post and your purse. super cute! :)

  14. I love both photos. I think they each are close to my heart - and what my purse looks like!


  15. ahhhh....the crumpled diapers almost made me nostalgic and now I only have one kid who makes me save milk caps, sticks and a zillion store stickers. Just wait till Josie is older and you'll have tons of dead withered flowers in there too.
    : )
    Love it.

  16. Love that you put a pic of the mess too. Heh....how do we accumulate so much garbage in our purses??

    So glad you like and use the changing pad too - thanks for the shout out! :)


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