a quick hello and a reminder for ten on ten!

Just wanted to shout a quick hello as I put my head up for a brief second this evening - I'm in the middle of an insanely busy week here folks and it's just starting to get good!

Were leaving tomorrow for a super quick trip to Portland for my Grandfathers funeral. It shall be bittersweet but a good time of reflection and celebration of an incredible life well lived. Then were headed back for a graduation on Friday (my bestie is speaking, she is a high school teacher and was voted by the kids to be key note this year - so proud!) and then of course the big FIVE birthday is on Saturday. Oh my boy is SO excited and I am so excited for him too! Phew I am already tired though...but the show must go on right and if Momma doesn't do it than nobody will - ha!

Monday evening Chris and I actually managed to sneak away for our first dinner OUT without kids since early April. It was a last minute thing that he threw together and wow it was so nice. We sat outside ate delicious Mexican food and took a deep breath before the busy week - I even got to bare my freckly knees because it was so warm and gorgeous oh I love those sweet summer evenings!
Alrighty time to get back to it - before I do here is a little reminder to charge your camera batteries for Fridays installment of Ten on Ten - if you haven't ever joined in you can read about the project HERE. You better believe I am looking forward to it no matter how crazy my day is!


  1. Me too! Thanks for the reminder ;) So happy you + your hubby got a night out.

  2. loving you guys, praying for you, and we all can't wait to celebrate simon on saturday! (how great that you and chris were able to have a night out, just the two of you this week! that sounds so nice.) i'm looking forward to singing with you at church on sunday, too! xoxo


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