a moms day staycation

My Dad and Step Mom surprised us with a night at the Camlin in downtown Seattle on Friday and although we were tempted to go without the boys we knew that baby Josie would need to come along and would not allow us a leisurely night or sleeping in so we opted to make it a family affair and I am so glad that we did. Simon and Levi were giddy with excitement, you know you don't go on vacation often when your kids freak out over a little trip downtown to a hotel for the night. I mean you would have thought we had taken them to Europe - "oh my gosh a POOL lets go SWIMMING" "Mom you brought chocolate milk and pizza - I LOVE chocolate milk and pizza those are my FAVORITE" "I wish we could stay here forever Mom I love this place it is so AWESOME!"

It really was a blast. The kids went swimming three times including Josie's first time in the pool we had pizza and popcorn, easter candy and movies, games, giggles and jumping on the murphey bed. This morning we walked all the way down to Pike Place Market while the city was still waking up and admired the sights had pastries at Le Panier and watched the "fish show". We even enjoyed a leisurely afternoon with take out lunch back in the room. We came home an exhausted family full and blessed.

I couldn't think of a more perfect way to spend Mother's day weekend than enjoying my little sweetie pies and thanking God for so many blessings. Thanks Dad and Julia we had a great time!

To all you Moms and Mothers hearts out there I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow soaking in the gifts of family and loved ones - all I am really hoping for now is a nap :)!! 


  1. Oh wonderful trip and family memories:) Your boys and little babe are so beautiful! Precious times:) I hope you continue to have a beautiful Mother's day weekend:)

  2. Wow what a special treat...so great you got to be all together...I'm dreaming of a staycation at the four seasons again!

    Happy mothers day!

  3. Beautiful photos, beautiful babies, beautiful mommy!

    Happy Mothers Day! I love reading your blog!


  4. How fun! I love staycations :) Looks like a blast, great pics!!!

  5. fun, fun, fun! happy mother's day, rebekah!

  6. Lovely photos (especially the last one of Simon!) and I *heart* Seattle! :))

  7. I love it, some of my best times have been on pretend vacations or staycations.




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