when I was a girl

I thought I would do a little re-posting today since I am still sick - I'll post a few goodies from my old blog, Orangepoppy over the next few days. This one originally from May 7, 2009..

when I was a girl

I hated my hair and would pray each night that God would make my curls straight

was terribly skinny

could wrap both legs behind my neck at the same time

use to fake coughing fits when my Mom would make eggplant and convinced her that I was allergic 

would let my sister lip sync in the mirror while I sang from the closet

loved to sing..sing sing sing..

would record songs I'd written and hide the tapes under my bed

would call a boy I liked and hang up after he answered (we dated senior year)

begged my Mom for one of those Popples until she gave in

won a bunny from our school librarian, it was a little black runt that I named Rudy after the youngest girl on the Cosby Show

wore out two of the same Amy Grant tape

loved Debbie Gibson and HAD to have a black hat like she use to wear

burned off my cousin's bangs with a curling iron

was ring bearer in both my parents second wedding, my sister got to be the flower girl {not that I'm still jealous or anything :)}

would decorate the tent when we went camping

loved it when my Mom let us stay home for an R&R day

wanted to be a Mom someday when I was old which I thought was 25..ha ha, I did become a Mom at 26!

Mr. Gough's favorite picture of me as a girl he says I've 'still got em' about my legs :)

 So what about you, what were you like as a kid? Maybe consider doing a similar post on your own blog today and link up in the comment section I would love to see! I might have to do another installment myself! xo


  1. I love this! I am going to do this on my blog soon! Thanks for the inspiration! I will link you when I do it~

  2. oh good I can't wait to read it!!! xo

  3. I love this...you were and ARE gorgeous!!


  4. too funny... Thanks for sharing...I can relate to many of those...

  5. Love knowing a little bit more about you and your past. It's fun thinking about younger me so I'll have to do one of these soon and link back to you when I do! :)

    P.S. You had gorgeous curls! :)

  6. love this! i'm gonna do this soon!!! :) btw, i love that wallpaper in that picture!! so cute!


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