diy :: easter bangle

I have a super easy bracelet project for you on this Good Friday. I wanted to coordinate with my little easter bunny over the weekend so I put this together and thought I would share it with you before I sign off for the holiday!

{go ahead and click on the photos for a bigger view}

for the bracelet all you need is a bangle form. I picked this one up at JoAnnes for only a few dollars in the jewelry aisle
you need strips of fabric in coordinating colors
fabric glue
rhinestones or other embellishments
clothes pin

1. start out by dabbing a big glob of glue onto the bangle form and then grab a strip of fabric and basically just start wrapping it evenly around adding a bit more glue as you go. No real secrets here just wrap the whole bracelet glue the end and hold it all together with a clothes pin while it is drying.

2. I made two silk rosettes with coordinating strips of silk fabric. There are ALL KINDS of tutorials on how to make these around the web and although I prefer to hand sew my rosettes for this easy project I chose to glue. Make a knot in the end of a strip of silk or coordinating fabric and add a dab of glue. The knot is going to be the center of the rosette. Just start twisting the fabric around on top of itself and add glue as you go. When you get to the end of the strip add a big dab of glue to the back to secure the end and let the whole thing dry.

3. Now that the rosettes and the bangle are pretty dry simply glue your rosettes and any other embellishments onto the bangle - I am using a matching rhinestone button and velvet leaf so that I can match Josie and her Easter headband.

Obviously the skies the limit here guys.

I hope you all have a truly wonderful blessed Easter weekend. We will be spending much of the holiday with family and be at our Church home for the three chapel services (8:30, 10:15 & 12:00) helping with music if you want to come by and worship with us we would love to see you there!

Happy Easter Friends - Jesus is risen He is risen INDEED!
xo Rebekah


  1. I don't know anything about jewelry, seriously! Next time I see you I will have a bunch of questions on how to wear them. You are amazingly crafty!

  2. We need to see a photo of you and Josie on the big day!

  3. i'm in love!
    i hope i can whip one up tonight.
    happy easter rebekah!!

  4. Rebekah, you inspired me, so I had to make my own.


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