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Happy Monday my sweet Friends. Did you all have a wonderful Easter weekend? We most certainly did. Saturday was a gloriously gorgeous day here in Seattle with sunshine and blue skies and an Easter egg hunt with family and friends! We look forward to my families annual Easter egg hunt all year and this one did not disappoint. It is always so fun to see the parents getting into the action. My Dad and Step-Mom literally hide about 500 eggs and when they give the green light to start searching it's hard to not instantly turn into a kid and get the fever as my Dad puts it. Grabbing armloads of eggs with the little ones. There were smiles all around - and lots of candy and prizes too!
Sunday we were at our Church bright and early just before 7am to celebrate with our Church family - it was a blessed morning. I had my *team* helping me with my three little ones. Grandma and Grandpa with the boys and Auntie Claire with Josie. I could not have made it through three services without them but am always thankful for the opportunity to serve on Easter at Church.  We finally left Church after 1pm and finished out the weekend with a big family dinner yesterday afternoon and then the kids came home to a special package from the Easter bunny (thanks Mom) that they enjoyed tearing into before bed. It was wonderful!

But this morning our family is all still sick. We have been fighting sinusitis all around for the past few weeks, lot of antibiotics and Kleenex and some rough nights. So today I told the boys it was pajama day. We've pulled our blankets and pillows and favorite books and movies into the play room. I manage to make our favorite scones and some eggs for a late breakfast and we are curled up together hunkered down listening to the return of the rain and trying to feel better. No real crafting happening around our home for today but these scones - they are SO GOOD!
Recipe is courtesy of Prudent Baby. I have made them many times most recently with white whole wheat flour and milk instead of the cream. Easy and tasty on a pajama day at home. Recipe can be found HERE!
I hope you are all able to rest and recoup from all the fun you had over the weekend. I will be back soon hopefully feeling better but if someone could let baby Josie know that sleep actually helps you fight the flu that would be great. Sleeping is not her fav I am convinced she just doesn't want to miss anything. OK back to vegging out with my babies today hope you have a good one!


  1. love it--all of it (except the still sick glad you're staying cozy at home today; that should help you feel at least a little bit better!)--the pajama party with your kids, the sunny + sweet egg hunt photos from saturday, and those scones--gorgeous photo of your yummy treats! it was a blessing to spend part of the easter holiday with you, rebekah! thank you for the encouraging conversation and laughter over dessert!

    p.s. you looked adorable in your trouser jeans at rhoda's! xo

  2. i really hope you guys start feeling better soon...maybe if the sun would stick around you could bake it out!

    LOVE those egghunt photos...especially Wes & Levi and that adorable photo of Josie with her Grandmas! Great captures!

  3. the pillowcases in that first photo are so cute! where are they from?
    it looks like you had a great Easter :)

  4. i hope you're all feeling better soon!!
    take care!

  5. oh no!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! I just got over a sinus infection and it was the PITS!!!


  6. Love those pillowcases. Your Easter pics are adorable :)

  7. The egg hunt was so fun, and next year Amelia and Josie will be old enough to really get into it together. Cute pictures. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. thanks guys for the sweet comments this afternoon it is brightening my day :)!!

    oh and thanks for the pillowcase love those are from the ridiculously obscene collection of thrifted sheets and pillow cases I have collected! :)

  9. Hope you all feel better soon! But a pajama day sounds like the best medicine to me....

    And I must try that scone recipe, yum!

  10. I LOVE pajama days...LOVE them!! Those scones look yummy!

  11. Wasn't the sun this weekend GLORIOUS! finally soaking up all my missing vitamin D. Hope you guys (and gals!) are feeling better this evening.

  12. Oh man! I could use a pajama day too!!! I'm recovering from a sinus infection from having my wisdom teeth removed. It's been a lovely medicated 10 days around here. I've been to work for 2 days since the surgery and am ready to collapse again.


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