SEA to Sea // Morning

Last week Stacy and I started a photo journal together focusing on a simple theme, photographing and sharing our findings side by side…I am really loving this exercise in searching for gratitude and grace it's been a gift so far. {You can read the first post HERE}

This weeks theme was morning. 

Mornings have always been hard for me, it takes me like three hours to wake up and, well that's not always appreciated or understood by everyone I live with :). Especially on days before school it's the mad dash to get everyone up and dressed and fed and lunches packed and paperwork collected and the dog fed and schedules squared away…it's hectic and like I said I am usually still waking up.

Not everyone in our house is a grouch in the morning though (fine I admit I am a grouch in the morning). Chris is very bright eyed when he pops out of bed and most of our kids are up with the sun as well. My oldest last week came tearing into our room and said, and I quote: "Mom I slept in until SIX FIFTY TWO!!! My record is seven twenty five so that's really close to my record, isn't' that great!" Um, yeah Simon that's really great…he's eight, and that's his record :). Ha!

But my favorite thing about the morning is coffee, everything must start with coffee and a lot of times that's how my family convinces me out of bed. They all like to make and bring me my first cup in the morning and it's pretty much my favorite, I love it. I love coffee. Like LOVE LOVE LOVE…and let it be known while I am on the subject of coffee - miss Stacy Bostrom makes hands down the best french press of your life. I don't know how she does it but it's seriously the best with a big glug of cream, I look forward to it every time I stay with her!

So what about you, are you a morning person? Don't forget to check out Stacy's thoughts on the morning this week too right HERE!

{and just a note because we've been asked a few times - we don't talk about our photos or what to photograph beforehand other than the prompt itself so any similarities are purely coincidence and I love seeing them so much!}


  1. I love this series! It is so fun to see your lives side by side.

  2. morning just isn't all that pretty, but looking at our sets together i felt encouraged and inspired to not rush through it so quickly. xo

  3. This is such an awesome series and I love how similar the morning look in their relaxed craziness. Also, I am totally on team takes three hours to wake up too! It drives me a little batty that our girls are so not on my team.

  4. Both of you have great pictures, I can't believe how similar they are though! Awesome. And......I just read this, and I"m going to make myself a decaf latte, because you made me so wish I was drinking one as I read about your mornings. ;)

  5. What a great idea! I'm in month 9 of my first ever 365 project, that I didn't think I would ever accomplish, so I'm feeling pretty on-top-o-the-world for more photo project ideas these days.

  6. Did you know you are one of my favorite photographers? True story.

  7. love the way you and stacy both capture beauty through the lens. and I'm with you on mornings and coffee...mornings are tough and coffee is the best invention since Creation! xo


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