{happy friday}

We are in for a really hot weekend here in the pacific northwest - in the 90's! I kind of love the heat but we don't have A/C so we will be needing some Popsicles and ice cream for sure to keep us cool. I've got lots of projects planned around here too, there is nothing I like more than a project weekend (I am a weirdo) and after living in this rental for almost three years (what?!) I finally confessed to Chris that I feared our "forever dream home" was never going to happen again and we would probably never be able to buy a house…so we need to settle in and for me that means lots of paint, craigslist haunts and a honey-do list for him a mile long :). But he's an amazing sport and so I broke out some paint this afternoon and started in on a few things already and it feels good!

I've had so much fun looking through the Ten on Ten sets from yesterday if you haven't had a chance to take a look please do - hope you have a wonderful weekend friends, do you have anything fun planned?

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