full heart friday

I've felt pretty melancholy the past few weeks, not unusual for this massive introvert but some seasons are harder than others. I think in the back of my mind I am constantly taking note of all of the things I am not getting to - you know that feeling (I know you do) or dreams and ideas that you really want to pursue but there is never enough time in the day. Or like me that constant choice of which thing do I tackle next because I know I can't do it all and when I choose one the others are going to suffer…such a constant battle for me and can be such a source of discouragement.

Today I wanted to turn my heart towards the little things that fill my up and focus on those and trust that the Lord is working out all the rest in his timing and that no matter what it's always enough to simply wake up and walk in the light of what He has for us and not worry that I am not doing all.the.things.

The boys got out early today and Nana came for a visit. She let me run errands, work on my jewelry for awhile and even grab a run before dinner (a new little passion of mine that truly does fill me up). There is always so much to be thankful for when we stop and look around. This morning as I was getting Simon and Levi out the door and the rain was lightly misting I spotted a tiny humming bird drinking from our gorgeous fuchsia - the day laying out soft and still and welcoming and no need for me to freak out and come up with a list of why I am going to fail..

Toady was a nice simple day and I am looking forward to the weekend too, hope you all have a wonderful one and that you know that you are totally enough right where you are at even in the midst of pursuing all the things He's got on your heart!

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Ecc 3:11


  1. I called Friday- Fun day! But the "fun" part was really just cake pops for the kids at Starbucks (which neither of them finished...what's wrong with my kids?) I also ran the fastest 5k I've done thus far in my life...it is amazing how good you feel when you at least accomplish something good for your body and get a little alone time in your head space. Such a blessing in the midst of trying to do so much!

    So, I have to admit that I just reread all of my infertility blog posts (just 2 of them) and my pregnancy announcements...AND all of the comments. I just want you to know what a great encourager you are and if all you ever did was leave blog comments you would touch quite a few lives in a truly profound way. I feel so good after reading those that I thought I'd encourage you to reread some of your own, taking inventory of answered prayers and reminding yourself that God is truly the author of our lives and he writes pretty amazing blog posts ;)

    Love you! Can't wait for your summer to start so we can hang out more!

  2. Oh my goodness. That may be the most beautiful plant I've ever seen!

    Yes, I know the feeling :) Yes, God's got us. All the time. In all the things.

    I miss you and think of you often. Singing next to you at Hope Spoken is one of my favorite memories of all time. Love you.

  3. You write so beautifully and so deeply, and your images touch my heart.


  4. Just to remind you what a beautiful daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, Mom and NEICE you are and how much you are loved!! AND how just right you are exactly where you are!!

  5. i love this post and these photographs. love love love.

  6. Love all these pics, how did I not know those kind of fuscias exist? And your jewelry... Swoon!!!!!! You are quite talented friend!

  7. Love this post... these pictures are just lovely!


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