how I create a gallery wall

Chris helped me hang up a new gallery wall in our bedroom last night and it's gotten me all kinds of excited about a ton of other house projects I have bookmarked in my mind. Does anyone else get excited about the summer months coming because, hello it's perfect house re-do weather - ha! Maybe that's just me but all I know is sometimes moving around a few key pieces or adding some color to a corner is a sure fire way to get the juices flowing.

I often get asked by friends how I go about hanging a gallery wall and although I don't have any secret tips I do enjoy shopping around my house for things that remind me of each other, similar colors or shapes, and then I start laying them out on the floor to find something that really pops out. I had forgotten about these three vintage flower prints I'd stashed away from our move several years ago and uncovered them as well as the black matting that I had bought but never used for a different project all just laying around in the garage. I wasn't sure how I wanted to frame and display my new favorite woodland print by my friend Cole (her fun etsy shop) and as soon as I found the black mat this whole area just came together for me in my mind! The adorable rabbit hooks were a Christmas surprise that Chris found on a trip to NYC and the Garden print by my friend Lesley (her cute shop) tied the soft peaches, greens and blacks together perfectly!

All that to say sometimes you're sitting on a goldmine with the perfect set waiting to be discovered in your very own home. I love re-imagining things and changing things up often...when I opened my eyes this morning I looked up to see this newly decorated spot and smiled so big. I just love it and can't wait to tackle a few more things around here soon! What are some projects you're dying to tackle or a space you've just refreshed?? I'd love to hear about it! xoxo


  1. Looks beautiful! I'm in the process of assembling a gallery wall for our apartment bedroom and this gives me some ideas on mixing frames!

  2. Looks great! I'm moving in a few months and I've been thinking about doing something along these lines in the new place.
    I love the paint colour on your walls too!

  3. Wow, I love this so much! Especially with that beautiful mirror! and the florals.. well everything. it all comes together so beautifully! I have a gallery wall on my to do list as well!

  4. i think it's safe to say you're the queen of refreshing and redecorating! i always love to come to your house and see what you've been up to. great work again Rebekah!

  5. I love this so much! I can see why it puts a smile on your face to look at it. :-) I have a question about the frame in upper right - is that the finished look, or is it a work-in-progress, waiting for a second photo before putting it all together?


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