Target hacker

Chris and I did a little Target hacking this past weekend to one of the super popular tin Joy signs that everyone seems to have grabbed lighting fast this year. I liked the brown faux bois pattern but it just wasn't totally me. We thought about spray painting it red or covering it with Christmas fabric but in the end I used some of the Orla Kiely wallpaper scraps we have left over from our old place, and I kind of love the results. I might even leave it up after the holidays!

I had Chris take it apart for me, it took a little brute force and a few of the bulbs went out so if you are planning to do something similar make sure to do one letter at a time. I simply traced the letters, cut them out with scissors and used an exacto knife to create holes for the lights. It's really not perfect but with a little clear Mod Podge it's doing the trick in our living room right now patiently waiting for some more decorations to join it.

I have been slower than usual getting things out this year but enjoying the season nonetheless. Wishing for some snow and soaking in my busy bunch as much as I can. What about you are you all decorated for Christmas already or taking it slow like me? Hope you're having a great week! xoxo


  1. you always make everything look super adorable!!!!

  2. So beautiful! Love the sweet touch you always add to your decorations! xo Heather

  3. absolutely ADORABLE!


  4. Yours is so much cuter and brighter than the brown one. Great idea!

  5. Oh my goodness--this is beautiful!!


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