weekend peeks and keeping the creative juices flowing

Oh there is never enough time to do all the creative things I long to do and this weekend was so very full and exhausting with little sleep. There are so many moments as a mother that I question how I will ever be able to survive all of the things...we had some college kids staying with us and I joked with them that I am basically a "professional wiper" and that the majority of my job consists of dealing with other peoples bodily functions and re-doing everything I attempt to do multiple times a day. Ay yi yi...so one of the ways I try to combat the grueling job of parenting (don't get me wrong I love my kids but parenting is haaard) is to keep the creative juices flowing. So I found a sliver of time to redecorated the wall over my piano, I displayed some instagrams and spent an afternoon playing photographer too which always leaves me feeling filled with joy!

It's the ebb and flow of joy and heartache with much to be thankful for always and even when I don't think I can find the strength to wake up and do it all again God meets me with a nudge to press forward, dig in deep and sense His presence in the midst of everything given. I am thankful for a new week and the chance to be creative despite the mundane tasks at hand.

So how do you keep your creative juices flowing even when it all feels like too much? I would really love to know.  Happy monday friends...and if you're a professional wiper like me - I am raising an arm load of baby wipes to you! :) xoxo


  1. Rebekah - I've read your blog for years and participate in 10 on 10 as much as I can. Being a mom is certainly exhausting...you inspire me because I only have ONE child right now. With four I am sure the difficulty (and blessing) only increases one hundred fold.

    Your creativity inspires me every time you post. I love taking pictures and making things, but also struggle to find the time. Most of the time I think my life is so full of "the things" as you put it that I have a hard time seeing the beauty in my own life, and when I read other mom's blogs with beautiful pictures and a seemingly "perfect" life I struggle in the battle of comparison. But you are so real, and yet capture the beauty in your life in a way that challenges me to find contentment in today, because in the midst of all the wiping and re-doing God is here and He has good things for us in this season of motherhood.

    Thanks for inspiring me! And I raise my wipes to you as well!

    PS: Where did you get your instagram photos printed? I'm dying to print a bunch and do something with them. I LOVE the way yours look!

    Happy Monday - Krysta

  2. I need to strive to find "slivers of time" more often. I love what you did above the piano. I've got a few wall decor projects of my own that need to get done!

  3. SO beautiful!! I love the yellow piano. wow!

  4. Oh how I utterly relate to this post, thank you for sharing it!

  5. Oh yes. And I 'only' have two girls. I feel like this has been the question to ponder of my summer. How to refresh as a mom and remember who I am in all the mess and busyness.

    I love taking out the big camera and just follow my girls around. Getting out for a walk or to people watch at a coffee shop. A hot bath and a good novel. Creating something non-mom-ish. The real reason I started blogging.

    I so appreciate the light in your pictures, Rebekah, your honesty and your bold search for beauty in the everyday. My girls are 19 months apart and I found such courage in your boys and that it will be all right in those first few months of feeling so overwhelmed.

  6. Love these little sneaky peeks :) This is a full season but you do it with so much grace.

  7. I loooove your blog. Having so much fun blurfing it!

  8. I'm so with you, Rebekah! It's hard to find time for creativity when I'm SO TIRED all the time from all that wiping and everything else that goes along with motherhood. :) But I'm trying to squeeze in moments and honestly my biggest issue is staying motivated and disciplined-- often when I do find the time I end up wasting the time away instead of doing something intentional. Working on that... :)

  9. love your yellow piano and how you've displayed your instagram shots! yes, being a mommy is haaaaaard! keeping creative always help me get through, that and a nap.


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