...my june instagram life...(and tomorrow is ten on ten!)

highlights for the month included :: the end of the school year and a birthday for Simon, lots of giggles, an attempt at a fathers day hike with a dramatic ending, pizza on the grill, some beautiful sunshine, basil from the garden for homemade sauce, more smiles, donuts, coffee on the deck with bare toes, a spin art afternoon and extra limes in my coke after a very exciting early morning of poopy diapers all over the floor and a bag of candy...it was all just to exciting to forget :)

follow me on instagram @rebagough...seems no one blogs anymore anyways it's just all shared on the instagram feed! :)

PS. tomorrow is Ten on Ten I will be here with the linky party to play along on instagram simply hashtag your photos #10on10 or #tenonten - one photo an hour for ten hours - looking forward to it! More about the project HERE.


  1. Oh how exciting! It's that time again already! Don't know if I'll be able to join, I will certainly try, but I look forward to snooping round everyone's day anyway!Love that doiley bunting!


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