Josie and Gigi's first dance class

When I became a mom to a little girl of course one of the first things that crossed my mind was putting her into her first dance class. I have waited for this day, dreamed of this day - so when Kim texted me and asked if Josie would like to join her bff Gigi this summer in a little creative movement class I am sure you can imagine just how lighting fast I was to sign her up!

Kim and Gigi also gifted Josie with a beautiful recital costume worn by one of Gigi's big sisters - it was such a special morning for my girl and my heart was a big heaping puddle the entire time.

The girls were too cute and excited - I grabbed this series of them after class. Watching them whisper and giggle together was so precious. Both of these girls are number three in a family with four siblings and they both have little brothers...they were also due on the same day so they are destined to be friends! I think I need to start a regular Josie and Gigi feature because they are just so fun together! Thank you Gigi for inviting us we are looking forward to years of dance classes and recitals!!


  1. ohhh.... so precious... so sweet... <3
    This made my day! :)

  2. Oh they are just too precious!

    Those little outfits, and their whispers and giggles are adorable.

    I hope they continue to dance!

  3. What lovely photos - you have captured such a cute moment in time. New to your blog -lovin it!

  4. Those little girlies just brightened my evening! ;) Thank you!


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