I have decided to try a new photo project this year, jumping in a bit late but feeling inspired and excited to join the 52 project with my friend Andi as she joins Che and Fidel. My children change so quickly I thought it would be a fun challenge to take a portrait of each of them each week in 2013. Of course I will still be doing the Ten on Ten project but really love the heart behind this one too...not that I don't already take way to many photos of these munchkins. So what about you, are you challenging yourself to any new photo projects this year?


  1. i LOVE this idea!
    they do change SO quickly. :)

  2. Beautiful portraits! I'm gonna love seeing your captures of your amazing kids each week! Such a sweet idea. You should consider adding a self-portrait and one of Chris and even Renton too to your set each week. :) xo

  3. Such sweet faces and personalities! I love Kristen's idea of a self-portrait!


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