a special present from Pinhole Press

While I was still in the hospital I received the most beautiful package from Pinhole Press. This custom mothers day journal I got to design with ten of my favorite photos inside. It is absolutely gorgeous and so special to me especially since I was missing my kids terribly. On the inside cover a reminder to rejoice in each day as a gift from God!

Pinhole Press is a really special company that makes really special things. It's not your average put a picture on a mug shop. They sell gorgeously made products. This journal is beautifully bound and the pictures are of the highest quality. Perfect for gifting, thank you presents (I have quite a few of these to make after the past month), birth announcements or something really special for yourself.

My kids have loved looking through the photos in my journal and I absolutely treasure it as the perfect spot to document my more personal mommy thoughts during this very full season of life. 

A very special and heartfelt thank you to Pinhole Press for this generous and thoughtful gift I know I will cherish it forever. Check out all of the amazing things you can make with your photos too HERE!

mothers day

Chris took this picture over the weekend. I wanted a capture of me with my four on mothers day but clearly nobody is looking at the camera. I don't really care though I am so very proud of this photo and what it represents. All these amazing little ones that I get to gather up into my arms. I know this space has been pretty quiet the past few weeks as we are still settling in as a family of six. Not sure how "settled" we will ever be now. I frequently ask the kids to "settle down" but yeah that doesn't really happen much. Truthfully it's wild and crazy and there is lots of crying and sleeplessness and laughter and running and playing and life being lived in our home. It's full and so is my heart.

And my heart is still wrestling a little too over the events of the past month and my almost two week stay in the hospital. Everything went 100% best case scenario but it just takes a second to bounce back after something like that not to mention bringing a baby home to a house already full of young kids.

But I promise you I am here and planning to continue to keep this space full too. I love the community of friends that I have made through blogging and all of you so very much - thank you for letting me share life with you.

Just wanted to pop in and say hello I hope you are having a wonderful week enjoying life to the brim too! xoxo

Ten on Ten :: May 2012

Happy tenth everyone I hope you guys had a wonderful day I know we sure did!

I am so looking forward to seeing how your day took shape - if you haven't had a chance to add your set to the linky scroll down to the post below it will be open for the rest of the week! I will be back with my favorites from the month soon.

Find out more about the ten on ten project HERE!

Ten on Ten :: May 2012

Happy tenth everyone I hope you have a wonderful day capturing all that beauty and life around you. When you are ready add your set to the linky below. If you have never played along all you do is take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours capturing the ordinary beauty in your day to day life. I look forward to checking out how your day takes shape, happy photographing!

ten on ten button

reminder tomorrow is ten on ten!

I am still settling in at home with theses four cuties but of course I couldn't forget about ten on ten, I hope you will join me!

Learn more about the project HERE.

PS. I just typed this post with one hand...:)

may I introduce...

Zeb Anselmo Gough
May 3, 2012
5lbs 10oz 18.75 inches

Sorry to leave you all a bit hanging there. I had such plans to write a last post before this little guy arrived. As my luck would have in a last minute turn of events I was whisked away for an emergency c-section on Thursday night instead of the scheduled one we had for Friday.

The moment they pulled him up but behind the curtain I could hear a tiny little mousy cry. A huge grin took over my husbands face. The doctor had to nudge Chris to announce the gender but when I saw his face I just knew and burst into sobs of joy for our little boy!!! God had prepared my heart so deeply for a third son and I could not be more proud of the beautiful family He has blessed us with.

We are doing wonderfully after a rough 48 hours and Zeb has passed all the preemie tests with flying colors. If all continues to go well we hope to return home tomorrow. After twelve days I am so ready to get my little family reunited.

I will be back soon with many more details and the story of how we found his name. It actually took us by surprise and we feel God gave it to us, it fits him perfectly!

Thank you to everyone for your amazing love, support, prayers, emails, visits, text message I could not feel more blessed! xoxo

ps. Zeb looks a bit like his big sister Josie no? Her newborn photo HERE.

May Day

Reporting from the hospital again today. Still on bed rest but only a few days left until my scheduled c-section at the end of the week. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions the past few days. Not being with my family. Knowing that I will never again get to spend the night in our sweet home as a Mom to only three. Fear and worry about all that is to come and how we are ever going to pay for this long stay with surgeries and possible NICU visit...I have such a new and deep empathy for women who must stay on their back for long periods of pregnancy in the hospital. It so deeply exhausting being poked and prodded at all hours of the day and night and pumped with meds every time contractions start to increase. (praying for Diana Stone all of the time)

But I am so very thankful too. I know this is truly all for the best and that I am in the safest spot possible if something really bad should happen. The risks of this pregnancy to my health and the baby are pretty significant while he/she is in my uterus. Once the baby is born and we can begin the recovery process I know I will be so relieved.

Today a sweet woman came in from Knit for Life to offer me some supplies to keep my hands busy. It was a wonderful gift and reminder that God has designed this time for me to be still, to reflect on what is to come and to stir excitement and joy as I eagerly anticipate all that is about to unfold.

I made a few crochet flowers with my stash and smiled at the pretty bouquets around my room this afternoon trying to soak in the spring, new life and the little blessings I can find.

But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, My glory, your the lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Happy May Day!
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