almond flavored cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee is one of my favorite ways to drink my daily cup when the season changes a bit and iced coffee starts to sound good in the afternoon. I have made this many times but usually use vanilla and cinnamon along with the brown sugar and coarse grounds but this time I decided to try a little almond extract instead. I really loved the subtle almond flavor with a bit of soy creamer over ice.

Cold brewed coffee is simple and inexpensive if you have never done it before all you need is a small pitcher but I prefer to use my french press so that I don't have to strain out the grounds with a fine sieve or paper towel. But either way it's super yummy and fun!

Almond flavored cold brew coffee:

3/4 cup of coarse coffee grounds
3 Tbs brown sugar
2 teaspoons almond extract
a sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)
3 or 4 cups of cold water. 
I just fill my french press but if you use a pitcher I think 3 to 4 cups should be good.

Pour everything into your french press and mix then let sit in your fridge over night. When ready strain out the grounds and enjoy the coffee concentrate over ice with a bit of your favorite creamer.


HERE is a more extensive article on cold brew methods in case you like a little more info.

easter bunny in the grass vase and a giveaway! (*closed*)

The girls at Oh My Crafts were so sweet and sent me a little package of fun things recently. My most favorite was the Martha Stewart fringe scissors. I could not wait to get my hands on them and instantly wanted to cut everything in sight into the perfect fringy mess.

I have a few fun projects in mind with these but couldn't help but whip together this silly and whimsical Easter project using a recycled soup can and simple tissue paper. I thought these would be a great way to present a friend or your kids teachers with some pretty flowers this Spring. 


1. soup can

2. pipe cleaners

3. tissue paper

4. fabric stripes

5. fringe scissors 

6. double sided tape

7. packing tape

8. doily or other decorations

9. flowers

Make some little bunny ears using two pipe cleaners and then tie a knot at the bottom with the fabric scraps and wrap up the entire length of the ears covering the entire thing.

Next measure out a folded piece of tissue paper to fit around your can and using the fringe (or other) scissors cut fringe along the top to make the grass.

Tape the tissue paper down and then add a bow with more fabric scraps or a doily and bow like I did in the finished project.

Lastly I taped the bunny ears inside the can with some heavy packing tape to keep them secure and protect them a bit from the water.

Fill the can carefully with some water and pretty Spring flowers and your all set. Could be a cute center piece for an Easter brunch too - just a silly little Easter craft to get your juices flowing today.

And as an added bonus Oh My Crafts also sent me a $25 gift certificate for one lucky reader to purchase some fun crafting supplies too. To enter you need to "like" the Oh My Crafts facebook page HERE and sign your name in the comments below. Extra entries given to fans of A Bit of Sunshine so let me know in a separate comment if you "like" my page too or if you follow via google friend connect or reader. Contest will be open through the end of the week and a winner chosen and announced on Sunday April 1st! Good luck everyone and happy Spring!

Oh My Crafts Site, Facebook page, Blog

make something monday :: mason jar easter baskets

Happy Monday! I am so excited to share these little mason jar Easter baskets I put together recently they are super easy - you most likely have all the ingredients sitting around your home right now! Perfect size for little ones to carry around too! Head on over to Beautifully Rooted HERE this morning for the full tutorial...I will be back soon with another silly Easter craft to share!

Hope you have a wonderful day Friends!

my little patient

My sweet little Simon had his tonsils out last week. It went well but I feel so bad for him with his big crocodile tears constantly asking me if the pain will ever go away. I remember my sister and I having ours out years ago, it was the worst but the best thing in the long run and at least I feel lots of empathy for him. Chris and I are pretty wiped out I didn't really consider how we would be needing to get up throughout the night to administer meds, bring him water and bites of food and lots of hugs and snuggles....needless to say this pregnant Mama needs a nap!

I have some things to share this week though I promise. A few silly Easter crafts and a recipe too. I know it has been extra quite around here lately. I suppose that is to be expected as my energy wanes and we prepare to welcome our new baby. I will be around as much as I can though! Hope you had a wonderful weekend I am off to catch a tiny bit of sleep before this little cutie needs me! xo

dear baby

Time is really flying these days, I am actually closer to 29 weeks at this point but these photos were taken closer to 28. I can hardly believe we will be holding you in our arms in less that eight weeks because of Mommy's funny womb. Not to worry we are watching you like a little hawk making sure you'll be just perfect before you come out into this great big world!

I still don't know for sure what your gender will be but I have my feelings about it all and just know that God has purposefully chosen you for our family so whether you are a girl or a boy you will fit more perfectly into our family than we ever could have imagined!

Mommy is more and more uncomfortable these days, lots of heartburn and leg cramping and practice contractions. But it will all be worth it and the amount of kicks and punches you give me during the day to let me know your in my tummy is so funny and are a busy little bee aren't you!

I have my nerves about being a Mommy to four little ones and am pretty exhausted caring for your brothers and sister these days while searching for energy to do most anything but I know this season will end so soon and I will look back one day and feel so nostalgic and blessed by the years of child bearing that God allowed me to experience. What an incredible experience it has been.

I love you little one and can't wait to kiss your sweet cheeks so soon!


These are a few images taken by my dear friend Stacy Bostrom in Southern California a few weeks ago. I am wearing a vintage 1970's Nordstrom dress that belong to my Mother before I was born. You can see more from the collection HERE and if you have yet to feast your eyes on the talent that she possess please take a look at her gorgeous and inspiring photography HERE!

{my march favorites}

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Thanks again to everyone who participated in this months installment of the Ten on Ten project it was so much fun looking through all of your sets. As per usual I was very inspired and blessed by all the beauty you found throughout your day!

I hope you guys are having a great week I am laying a bit low in the blogging world right now - needing to care for my family and tend to a very tired, getting very pregnant body. I hope to be back sharing more soon though. Happy Friday friends!

More about Ten on Ten HERE.

Ten on Ten :: March 2012

Thanks to everyone who participated in this months Ten on Ten I can't wait to check out all of your beautiful sets. I will be back with my favorites from the month soon. If you haven't had a chance yet scroll down to the post below and add yours to the linky it will be open for the entire week - learn more about the project HERE!

Ten on Ten :: March 2012

Happy tenth everyone I hope you guys have a great day capturing all that beautiful life around you! When you are ready add your set to the linky below, I am looking forward to seeing them all later on this evening! If you are new to the Ten on Ten project find out more HERE.

ten on ten button

just a little reminder...

tomorrow is ten on ten! If you have never participated find out more about the project HERE.

soaking it up

I am off having a wonderful time with Stacy this week in southern California soaking up a bit of sunshine and working on some fun projects around her home.

She posted a tiny sneak peek this evening on her blog from the maternity shoot we did yesterday...she took me to a gorgeous secluded field and the sun popped out at just the right time - kind of like my 27 week baby belly. I swear to you there was a mouse following us in the tall grass though. :)

I am over on Beautifully Rooted again this week as well with a tiny tutorial for this pinwheel headband I made for Josie recently the full tutorial HERE.

Hope your having a great week friends,

xo Rebekah

blogging break brought to you by:

ha ha! Not really but raise of hands who else is totally hooked? Thanks to my Mom in law and like every single person I know on the interwebs I finally caved in to see what all the fuss was about. I am only four episodes in but am officially engrossed in season one of Downton it!

This week has been exhausting - um duh I keep forgetting I am nearing the end of my fourth pregnancy. We had one night this week where Chris and I were up ALL.NIGHT with a four year old who had not only his first case of the croup (so weird) but also the stomach flu? It was brutal and when he finally fell asleep at five in the morning and the bathroom was finished being disinfected we passed out until six thirty when all three of my kids got up for the day, ugh.

Mild terror has been replaced by extreme fear and gnashing of teeth about how we will manage another baby in less than two short months. I know the Lord will sustain us but lets just say God and I had words that night about how I really feel about this whole workload when I am tired.

In other news I am gearing up for my first solo Mommy trip in years this weekend to visit the insanely talented and gorgeous Stacy Bostrom. Our time will for sure include lots of wonderful deep conversation, coffee and yummy treats, her adorable little boy and his scooter, a maternity photo shoot (squeal), me trying to glean as much photography knowledge as I possible can...little known fact this woman taught herself how to handle a camera within the past few years, no school, no training at all she is incredible I really can't wait!

Hoping to blog while I am away but either way you know I will be back soon...happy Friday everyone!

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